Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy week!

My baby is now an active member of the general popluation and productive member of society...well lets give it a few months.  He's still working his part-time  high school job and frantically looking at his options.  Procrastination was his major in high school so we'll just have to wait and see where he lands.  Even though there's no real plans for college he is looking into a tech school which makes me just as proud.  He did some vocational shooling while in high school, so he can use that to get a decent job if nothing else.  The leads are starting to come in he just needs to pick which option suits him.  Good luck to my little Trevie!  Momma loves ya!

After the graduation festivities my mom and I squeezed in a quick walk of a small local quilt show.  Pioneer Women quilt group hosted this.  Most of the quilts on display were hand quilted.  Heres a few of my favorite....
hand pieced and quilted, GORGEOUS!

Hand quilted

 And heres what I'm currently working on.  I got a call last week for a baby quilt.  They wanted it by the first weekend in July.  Its kinda short noticed but I accepted the challenge.  She wanted just one sunbonnet sue on the quilt surrounded by whatever my little ole heart desired in the colors of yellow and  lavendar.  So me and my EQ program spent one whole day designing 50 different quilts for her to choose from.  And then the next day I went searching for fabrics.  Lavendar isn't something I have tons of in my stash and neither does the local shops.  It was quite the challenge but heres what I found.  Luckily I alrady had the book.

 And my progress so far....624!!  HST's!!!  Makes 156 pinwheels...of course she choose the most difficult and expensive to make.  Thats ok, I can charge more! LOL!  I'll be a little absent from posting to my blog and reading all of yours while I get this thing together.  And I've also a trip planned to my daughters in the middle of the construction.  So until next time.....

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