Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starting a new quilt

A friend asked me to make his wife a quilt.  We first talked of design and then of price.  Non quilters are always shocked at my price for making a quilt.  It blew his mind what I'd charge, but he quickly changed his tune and told me price is no object, just make it!  Okay, so now I wish I had told him more.....LOL!  He's a good friend so charging almost seems wrong.  So here's what I'm working on for the week.  Hopefully it'll be done by early next week.  There's two more customers waiting in line, one I'll finish this week and the other I'll start after I finish MY QUILT.  Remember my Summer Romance?  Theres not been a stitch put in it for 3 weeks.....bummer. 

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  1. friend or not a lot of work goes into making a quilt... so it needs to be apreciated.. and I am sure it will be x


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