Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Progess in the sweat shop

And no I didn't mean SWEET!  It's been around 90 degrees outside and just about that in the shop.  No air conditioner!  But we must keep sewing despite the elements, purge on, forward!!!  Okay so I really did complain alot the last few days.  However alot of SWEET things happened in the SWEAT shop.    I've managed to get about 10 inches down on the Summer Romance quilt.  Ruler work can really be time consuming and worth every minute of extra time. 

And below is what I pumped out in a matter of about 30 minutes using the HST papers that I recently found online.  They can be printed out for free!   And they knock of alot time in measuring and squaring up.  Look 96 of these cuties in 30 minutes!  Minus one because of human error and overconfidence with a rotary cutter.  Still I'm pleased with the results.  Just a note to Dianne over at Ceshirequilter, Everything is BLUE!

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  1. blue and yellow are a lovely choice xx hope it is a bit cooler today... just been watching the Olympic tourch relay... in the rain!! x

  2. I love your Summer Romance quilt, what I can see of it! :) I'm a newbie to your blog, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out and future quilts! Your quilting looks beautiful, too!


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