Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good things that happen while you sleep

IT RAINED!  YEAH!  The first rain since May 1 !  It's not enough rain to fix the yard but it's still a nice.
                                             This is the front yard......

                                            .......and this is the back

But look at this....See the raindrops!

Waiting for it to drip...come can do it!

Picture perfect....looks so refreshed...

Its been awhile since I've seen a puddle but I think this closely resembles one

I washed my truck last week, thats why it rained!  I think I'll wash it again!

 And also while I slept last night some bad things happened, take a look at the mess some little Rocky the Raccoon made....Uggg...we have been hauling water up out of the pond in order to keep my garden from dying.  If  I get an site on Rocky he might find some lead in his behind.  Sorry all you nature lovers but I love my natural home grown tomatos, Rockys going home to his maker.  Tis life!

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