Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cutting it straight

My youngest son came to visit today.  What a surprise!  We don't see each other much he lives the next county over.  But while he was here I decided to get some help with this.  I paid $16 a yard for this!  It came from the LQS in our small town, of course after spending tons of money in the shop over the last few years she up and closed in a matter of a month.  I was doing the block of the month, that's a sore spot too.  And I was $100 dollars away from getting my gift card that you get after spend  $500.....I could go on forever.  But when I got this out today to use for a backing....UGGG...ERRR!  Okay I've got it off my chest and I promise not to complain anymore about it.  Excuse the mess in the room its what I call the "The Man room".  My sweeties indoor workshop/catchall room.  Its the only spot with enough floor space to square up a 90x 100 piece of fabric. 

Okay moving on...check out this quilt.  It's 13'x15' and wow!  I'm not a fan of skulls or snakes or heavy metal but I find this work by Ben Vemom  to be AMAZING!  You can see more of his work at his blog.  I went on a wild search the other day after being told I was an artist.  And found that there are some really interesting Art quilters out there.  Not my thing but Mr. Venom you get two thumbs up from me. 


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