Monday, December 2, 2013

Color change

Good Monday morning!  Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.  
After 3 days of not stepping foot in the studio it was full steam ahead yesterday.  My MIL's home was decorated for the holiday and it inspired the darker side of my quilty brain.  My regular followers know that I change style and colors about as often as I change my pants.  Instead of digging through the scraps and designing I went to the flimsy drawer.  This was designed over a year ago for the Master bedroom.  King size!  Lonestar quilts are my go-to pattern, its a love affair.  
 There was no plan for the quilting.  I just grabbed the arc ruler and used my blocks and seams as a guide.  The only markings made so far is one centering dot on the yellow square, and it was eyeballed.  Makes the quilting go so much faster if there's no marking.
Do you have a go-to pattern, one that you really like?  Most quilters go-to pattern is super simple, but when thinking of go-to, I think it's one that everyone swoons over.  And by changing the colors it can take on a totally different look.   They make great gifts, because everyone recognizes them.  Although they look hard, once you've made a Lonestar by using the strip method or Quilt Smart, you'll wonder why you never made one before.  
Here's another one I made for my dad, called Four Directions.  The border design is fusible applique.  
 And this one was beautiful until I tried to get the bleeding colors to stop.  Lesson learned on pre-washing all fabrics.  

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~Lea Anne~

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  1. what wonderful points you have and the quilting is amazing. About to have a go at my first attempt at quilting, well will have a go when I work up the courage!

  2. I love Lone Star quilts, and finally made one last year. It's not quilted yet simply cos I can't decide how to do it.

  3. I have never made a Lone Star Quilt, but it is on my list. Your Christmas quilt is beautiful, as is your quilting. Lovely!

  4. Wow! Beautiful quilts. I love Lonestar quilts. It's on my bucket list, but I've yet to make one.

  5. You have a whole DRAWER full of finished quilt tops ready to be quilted?! If I could work your longarm quilting magic I would want to quilt everything immediately! What a great idea to do a Christmas quilt for your master bedroom. I love your little holly leaves, and your Lonestars are exquisite. I have not been quilting long enough to have a "go-to" pattern. I'm still in the Engine That Could stage -- "I THINK I can, I THINK I can..." ;-)

  6. Your Christmas Lone Star will be fabulous. The arc quilting looks so great on the border. I have not heard of QuiltSmart before. I will look into that as I would really like to make a Lone Star.

  7. WOW! What no marking??? Oh you brave woman, I wish I could do that. Yep I have a go to thing and it's feathers. When I can't think of anything it gets feathered to death. Your star quilts are amazing!!


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