Monday, December 16, 2013

Hooray its a flimsy!

What a joy this quilt has been to put together.  I love the colors in the blocks.  The picture makes the background look whiter, it's more creamy with tan print. That border isn't doing much for me now that it's on there.  Guess what?  Its staying.  The rich colors will look fine in the living room where there's a lot of darker wood furniture.   
 A lot of my quilts this year have had cherry themes, so why stop now.  I'm sticking with the name Chocolate Covered Cherries for this one.  
 Hopefully I can get it quilted sometime next year.  For now it will be put in the drawer with the others waiting in line.
 I played around with color placement and found that radiating the colors really wasn't a good idea.  Notice the second row, third block in the picture below.  It really stands out at a distance.  
 Now I can put most of my quilty energy back to what's on the frame. The plan is to have little or now markings while quilting this one.  It's been quite the challenge.  Due to the borders giving me issues, I'll need to turn the quilt in order to do the side borders.  Not fun, but better than picking stitches that don't work.  And in the long run it will be quicker than marking or picking.  
Will it be done by Christmas?  One can only hope.  There's shopping and cooking yet to do for the big day so quilting will take a back seat.  
Need more quilty inspiration?  Hop on over to Judys for Design Wall Monday and see what others are stitching up for the holidays.

~Lea Anne~

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  1. Your Christmas quilt is going to be just gorgeous. Your quilting beautiful. I really like your "Chocolate Covered Cherries" quilt, too! This pattern is on my list. Nicely done!!

  2. It turned out great! I love the colors!

  3. very nice quilt. When I first looke at it, I thought that it was a bunch of different blocks, only a closer look showed me that it was the difference of colour placement. Well done.

  4. having a good chuckle at your letter to santa!

    Before I started on the quilting route I would not have looked at the colours you have used here but now I love them, I see colour in a totally different way now, especially drawn to the retro fabrics although have not the bank balance to purchase any yet. I think the binding works very well as you have the little centre red squares to pull it together. Very nice piece you have on the go at the moment too

  5. I love the Chocolate Cherries quilt. The colours are just gorgeous.

  6. Looks great. I think you should make a quilt with the blurry block. I love the effect.

  7. Chocolate Covered Cherries is lovely! Can't wait to see it quilted.

  8. It looks wonderful. I love how different the blocks look with the different darks and lights. You can't beat the name either.

  9. Beautiful. Love the Christmas quilt. I watched Amy's video and am now following her. That was a great video. I, too, go too fast. Thanks.


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