Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Still in the Dark

Since I've made a color change on the frame might as well pull out a UFO in darker colors.  This was started umm...a couple of years ago maybe.  Hand appliqued, not sure where I found the oak and reel block pattern.
Kinda plain and boring huh?
Needs more color, so I had the brilliant idea to just add some simple circles.  By using Kay Buckley's Perfect circle templates they're much easier and the finished circle is Perfect!  Cutting a strip of fabric the width of the unfinished circle, then sub cutting, and using the circle as a guide for cutting.  108 unfinished circles cut in less than 30 minutes.  4 layers can be cut at once, speeding up the process tremendously.  My finished size circle is the ones at the top left corner of this picture, they are almost out of view.  
 TADA!  3 down 105 more to go.  I'll spend the afternoon doing the running stitch around each circle while doing laundry.  After they are stitched its back to the quilting frame. 
 Tomorrow I can start the starching and ironing of each little circle and glue them in place.  Yes glue!  Its Roxanne's basting glue, or if you're cheap like me Elmer's Washable school glue refills the fine tipped bottle.   If you interested in a tutorial on how to make these perfect circles go here and here.   
The added 3(needs 9 more) finished to the block, I suppose they could be the acorns.  Gives the block a much happier look, don't you think?
 Using EQ7, I scanned in my border and inset fabrics, used EQ's version of the Oak and Reel and here's the plan.  Yep another quilt with the simple Irish chain block.   It goes together quickly and can be done by strip piecing and sub cutting.  All 16 blocks could easily be made in a short afternoon sewing spree.
I'm linking up with Connie today for Linky Tuesday.  Hop on over check out what others quilters are stitching up, and add your own link.  Its a great way to meet new quilty friends and share ideas.  There's always new and free tutorials being link up.  

~Lea Anne~

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  1. good solution to the blahs. I like your plan for the quilt, it brings in the burgundy colour nicely.

  2. Oh boy that's a lot of circles, but it's going to be a great quilt!

  3. Love reading your blog and having a chuckle as you make everything sound so easy!! If only that was true. The circles really bring the block to life colours work beautifully together. Happy glueing, mind the fumes we do not want you getting high.


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