Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Six dollar Christmas Tree

Yes it's sad, but it works.   Now let me tell you there's a story behind this sad Charlie Brown tree.  So here goes...
Since the birth of my first child I've always heavily decorated my home.  After my divorce 10 yrs ago, the holiday mojo left.  My kids would drag out the boxes of holidays past and make me get in the spirit.  After about 3 years of that, the mojo returned.  And then I fell in love with my wonderful Ross.  We decided to take the plunge and merge.  His place was bigger and nicer so I downsized.  Giving almost everything I owned to my children, and that included all 3 Christmas trees, 3ft, 6ft, and 7 1/2 ft.  It only took us filling up both of our trucks to get all my stuff here. 
Well we don't have a lot of visitors out here in Podunk, and my mom has always had the family Christmas.  So no need to worry about decorations for just me and Ross.  That is unless you have a mom that is stubborn and refuses to have Christmas dinner on any day but Christmas Eve.  You see my daughter lives out of state, she doesn't always get to come home for the holidays.  Well two years ago she came home, on the 21st of December, and since mom is a mules azz sometimes I had to pull together a party on short notice.  Luckily a guy I worked with heard  me complaining and came to my rescue with this tree that already had the lights on it.  (He had lost his Christmas mojo....divorce ya know how it does that).  
So I went to the dollar store and bought a roll of ribbon and 12 red balls, added the lace ornaments leftover from my little boutique.  And Charlie Brown eat your heart out!  The first year I just wrapped some fabric around the bottom for a skirt.  Last year I made a skirt that was way to big.  So this year  I whipped this one up in an's just right!
Yeah I know it looks silly sitting atop the old record player but it works.  Its all about spirit and not the looks or the cost.  We love our little $6 tree.

I've edited this post to link up with Quilting Lines, she's having a christmas skirt roundup, what fun!  Hop on over and see all the lovely christmas skirts!

~Lea Anne~

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  1. What a nice story about your tree. Glad you have your Christmas mojo back. Because we now have Squeak we haven't put up a Christmas the last 3 years. Maybe next year I'll be able to have a tree without it becoming a playground.

  2. That should read Christmas Tree.

  3. I do not bother with a tree, that is an advantage of being on my own. Yours looks nice and the tree skirt sets it off well.

  4. Love your little tree! I don't put one up anymore, but I have lights and garland on my fireplace and some other things setting around so it is Christmasy and there will not be a lot to put away. Will be gone over Christmas so will enjoy my son and daughter-in-law's tree. Merry Christmas!!! Carol


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