Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lots to share DWM

I'm taking momma to the doctor tomorrow, so lets have design wall progress  today.  
After a day and a half of hand stitching the small red circles in place.  This quilt came together quickly.  I took so many pictures!  Luckily for you I picked out just a few.

 Some of the perfect circles didn't come out quite as perfect as I would have liked.  They were perfect before stitching.  What I found is that needles make all the difference.   My first needle of choice was one of those quick threading kind.  Bad choice, the larger eye pulled my circles out of whack.  After changing to applique sharps needle things looked better.  
 If you not familiar with the how to make a perfect circle you can find a tute here.  
 LOVE LOVE LOVE the border fabric.  It took about a month to find just the right color indigo blue to match the blue of the oak and reel block.  I know it looks darker but really its not.  The small print on the blocks makes it appear to be a different shade of blue.    Since the border fabric is such a large print I had to do some fussy cutting on the length of the fabric instead of cutting on the width.  Lots of scraps were made by doing this but the outcome is worth it.  
 I wanted to share this pattern with you but the oak and reel has a copyright.  After searching for hours to find where the pattern, I finally found it in Inspired by Traditions by Kay Mackenzie.  Mines just spruced up a bit with the circles.  The alternating block is just a basic Irish chain block that can be found on my tutorials tab.  
Inspiration has struck and I'm stuck in the darker colors.  Here's what I've made today from a Primitive Gatherings layer cake and some yardage.  Those little squares finish at 1.5.   The red center fabric is from the oak and reel quilt, and don't tell anyone..... but that gingham.....its a baby sheet I scored at the Goodwill for $1.  
 Hopefully I'll have time to shop for the sashing fabric after momma's doctor appointment.
 You know I can't go very long with out playing with the brights.  I made this itty bitty cutie(5.5").  It's a freebie tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts that you can find here.  If you have EQ7 it's one of the basic patterns.   This will become my leaders and enders project.  Some of you may recognize it from Jenny Doans Youtube Tutorial from last week.  Jenny requires you buy her papers and a template to make the quilt.  Red Pepper lets you print it out for free!  I set my printer up for fast printing which makes it use less ink.  Either way it's going to cost something.  
Want more quilty inspirations?  Its just a click away!  Judy at Patchwork Times hosts a link up every Monday morning.  Anyone can enter their blog.  So hop on over, link up, and check out others Design walls. 

~Lea Anne~

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  1. Those circles look so pretty on that quilt. That's a great addition.

  2. your quilt has turned out beautifully and the circles are such a good addition

    Trust Mum`s doctor appointment went well and all is well with her.

  3. I love your quilt... the colors, the pattern. the circles... just beautiful!

  4. Wow, those circles are the perfect touch for that quilt just love it. Hope the Dr appointment goes well.

  5. Oh wow that is absolutely beautiful and your circles look perfect.

  6. The indigo border fabric is wonderful.

  7. The border fabric is the perfect finish and the little circles are a terrific detail. Your blocks made with the Primitive Gatherings fabric are very old fashioned looking. I think you are well on your way to another gorgeous quilt!

  8. I love your oak and reel quilt, and what a great choice your border fabric is! Fabulous!

  9. I agree that the border fabric is perfect!

  10. Just flying by to look at the celtic solstice work by other quilters and just have to tell you that this quilt is lovely, very lovely, peaceful and perfect for snuggling down to rest.

  11. Very pretty! The circles give it a bit of a holiday look, like holly berries! Or maybe I just have Christmas on the mind.

  12. Your quilt is just gorgeous! I love the dark colors; perfect for this pattern. It already looks like an heirloom treasure!

  13. Looks like you have been a busy gal. Your is gorgeous.

  14. Oh, so pretty. Your circles are perfect and really add a beautiful touch!


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