Tuesday, December 9, 2014

44th Street Fabric Sale!

Look what came in the mail!  44th Street Fabrics on Etsy is having a 50% off sale on fabric!  and 30% off patterns. You can read more about it at
 Look how nicely these are packaged.   I love that Beverly took the time to protect my lovelies.  Now let's rip these babies open!
 Oh so pretty!

 This Millie's Closet by Lori Holt panel is my favorite piece. 
Not only is Beverly having a fabric sale but she is also selling a few quilt tops.  And let me tell you she makes the most adorable bright and happy quilts.  Look at this cutie below!  You can read more about it HERE.   Will power overload!  It has all my favorite colors and the gingham border...sigh...silly budget.  
Hey Santa Claus...I've been really good this year! (most of the time)

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. If you are spending the money budgeted for your gift, hey you are just giving Santa a helpful hand.
    Love your choices.

  2. Thank you my sweet friend! Glad you like your fabrics! XOXO

  3. how I wish i lived over in USA as Bev has some wonderful offers you have some great fabric there

  4. Gorgeous and yummy fabrics. I will have to check out their sale.

    P.S. I love the quilt in the last photo.


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