Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quickly Quilting

Finally!  I'm back in the studio quilting my little ole heart out.  I've pulled three quilt tops from the large pile in hopes of getting them quilted in record time.  They will be displayed in the newly painted living room.  I got a wild hair the day after Thanksgiving, painting, steam cleaning the floor...spring cleaning a few months late!  Look at the backing fabric...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  It's one of my afraid to cut it pieces.  The plan was to someday use it for a quilt border but plans change.  
Hope to see you all in a few days with at least one finish.   Momma's having surgery so that will slow things down a little.

~ Lea Anne ~ 
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  1. It looks like this might be a reversible quilt with that gorgeous backing! Perfect. Hope all goes well with your mom and her surgery.

  2. You wear me out girl! Love your tops...can't wait to see them quilted!

  3. You could also view your spring cleaning as being early!

    Gorgeous quilts. Nice eye candy!

  4. Hope Momma improves rapidly. Love your site. Best wishes from the UK - Brenda

  5. sounds like you are going to be very busy. Trust all goes well for your Mum when she has her surgery and she makes a quick recovery

  6. this is so pretty. prayers for your mom and the rest of the family

  7. Love the backing fabric. Hope your mother does well after the surgery and heals quickly.


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