Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quickly Quilting the handwork

It's been a test of patience all week long in Podunk.  I won't get into the personal issues except for I came home after a long day of baby sitting momma to a flooded laundry room....the water heater dumping most of its contents on the floor.   Well that same little Gremlin made his way into the studio yesterday morning and decided to stay for the entire day.  He twirled his sticky little fingers around my thread causing major tension issues on the last border of my Chocolate Covered Cherries quilt below.  I'll never understand how almost a entire quilt can be quilted with no issues and then BAM out thin air a major issue.  It took 3 hours to quilt a 12 inch section of the border.    I'm pretty sure that this Gremlin came from Barbara's Blog!   So be careful he's on the loose, I ran him out of the studio around 8 pm last night.  
The quilt below is the last of the Quickly Quilting Quilts.  The last two quilt tops had minimal quilting except for the borders.  This one will have a little bit more detail and custom work.  All the applique on this quilt is done by hand so I thought it needed a little more WOW.
 The fussy cut borders are giving me quilting design issues.  Since I went to all the trouble to fussy cut them I feel the quilting should also make them stand out.  At this point I'm open for suggestion!  It's going onto the frame with no border plan...just flying by the seat of my pants with hopes of inspiration.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Please don't send the gremlins here! I love both of your quilts. I can't help much with the border except that I see little feathered wreaths in every snowflake.

  2. Darn gremlins! I am trying to finish up a few things before Christmas - I hope they don't visit me - I have a table runner that I must get quilted today. Your quilts look wonderful - hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Chocolate covered cherries looks great. Sorry, I'm no help on the quilting motifs, not one of my strong points. But that quilt is gorgeous even without any quilting.

  4. I've had days like that too. Your quilt looks wonderful!

  5. When I looked at that border, my thought was to do something like a fat double cable with the motifs in the centre of each cable.


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