Monday, December 8, 2014

Quickly Quilting Part 2

One down and 2 more to go...maybe more.  Even though the quilting isn't coming along as quickly as planned, I'm still pretty pleased with the progress.  The binding is attached and ready to be hand sewn to the back.  I'm going to wait and do all the binding handwork in one huge hand stitching marathon.
Prepping for the next quilt top was a little more involved than the first one.  But necessary in order to make things a quick as possible.   Feathers are a really quick way to fill a border.  However I didn't want every quilt to have the same feathers.   So on this one I decided to make a curvier spline on the feathers.  A first for me.  Drafting them first on paper was a must.  This gives me practice on feather placement.  To keep things quick I chose a circle template that proportionally looked good to me.  Then whatever happens...happens.  Well what happened is the template will not evenly fit in the border.  So the feathers will start in the corners and end in the middle of the quilt sides instead of being one long continuous feather all the way around the quilt.
On the short border side the feathers end up at the center mark pointing in towards the center of the quilt. 
 ( Pardon the bad pictures, I'm quickly doing everything)
 And then on the long sides they will point out in the center.  It's not ideal but it's QUICK and I'm learning a new feather all at the same time.
 Now for a few quick markings in the blocks an this one should be loaded on the frame before noon.   
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  1. Feathers are my favourite way of quilting....and there are so many variations. I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Love the quilting in the top picture. It will be a stunner when it is finished.

  2. I like reading about your design process and how you are solving problems... or maybe that is the wrong word -- solving issues.

  3. Thanks for sharing your process. I have tried feathers on a practice cloth, but have yet to use them in the real thing. I love your quilting in the first picture, not only the feathers, but the cross hatching is beautiful too.

  4. Your quilting is just beautiful! When I grow up.... Can't wait to see a full picture of your Bow quilt.

  5. Yes, your quilting is wonderful. I love feathers and curved crosshatching.

  6. lovely quilting and good to see how you go about creating the design

  7. Beautiful quilting! I appreciate that you are sharing the quilting design process--something I need to learn more about. Your curved cross-hatching is beautiful, I'm just barely learning how to do that and it compliments your feathers awesomely!

  8. Lea Anne, your quilting is so beautiful!

  9. Your quilting is gorgeous!

    I came over from fabric Tuesday but must be missing your post for that...

    Come see what I linked up. :)

  10. What a pretty corner! I just *LOVE* how the bow melds into the feathers.

  11. The circle templates were a great idea; the resulting feather border looks fantastic. I'm amazed that you had time to stop, take photos, AND post about it with so many quilts flying through your fingers these days!

  12. The quilting looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing as I learned a lot from your details shared!


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