Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scraplique Play

Quilting on the frame is so boring.  I'll quilt for a few minutes and then I'm off doing something else.  And there's been so many great Christmas quilting projects on social media .....It's driving me nuts!  There's to many UFO's laying around to start anything new. So....
A little play time is just what was needed to get my mind off of starting a new project.  These petals were made a couple of years ago from scraps.  Since they're a UFO it's okay to play with them!  If you look closely you can see that they are tiny pieces of fabric that were sewn together until I had a piece big enough for the petal template.
 Somehow I even managed to find the quilt pattern I designed two years ago.  Must be my great organizing skills!  NOT!  It just the inability to throw away anything quilt related, with the hopes that someday I'll make all the patterns my scrappy brain can imagine.
Here's one of the quilts made from this fabric.  Another one of my designs that was drafted after seeing so many Christmas bulb quilts around the internet.  I also wanted to have an "ELF" feel to it.  Who doesn't love the Christmas movie "ELF"?  
The quilt below is the first quilt made from the "Joy" fabric bundle.  I've pulled it out to quilt it.  We'll see.....
  Potholders would make a quick finish for the two orphaned blocks made from some of the scraps.  
So what are you working on this weekend?  Anything Christmasy?

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Love your mind... it's okay to play with parts of a UFO.
    Looks like you are doing what I plan to do - make a bunch of Christmas quilts over the years, and gift them to my family all at once...I have one made. Where it is now, some one of those boxes, I guess.

  2. Your "Petals" quilt is going to be a beauty... but then, all of yours are! I haven't done much of anything in my "Hidey Hole" this weekend, but I'm hoping that will change this week. I have a few projects that need to be finished! Happy Quilting!

  3. amazed at those petals what a lovely way of using scraps. The Christmas bauble quilt is very pretty. No Xmas projects done by me to tell you about though

  4. Love all your Christmasey colors! The petals are beautiful - hope you find some more time to play in between quilting :)

  5. I love the red and white. I'm afraid to start anything holiday-ish because I know it won't be done before the holiday! Yours look fantastic!

  6. Your petals quilt is going to be amazing! I'm finishing up a couple of gifts, but there are no holiday projects currently in the works.

  7. I love your UFOs! What fun they are.

  8. I bob from UFO to UFO, too. I love the petals! They are so pretty and will make such a beautiful quilt.

    I have a hard time throwing away anything quilt related as well. You just might need it again. You never know. =)

  9. Very clever use of scraps and so Christmas -y. No time for play this week. Merry Christmas!

  10. What do you use to cut these leaves? Plain old scissors or one of those fancy die cutters?

  11. Those petals are beautiful and will make a gorgeous set of blocks. Looks like you are channeling Christmas in your sewing room.


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