Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chicken farmer

Like my new boots? They were needed because of last weekends mishap.  I call them my chicken sh!# boots.  Sadly the Rural King didn't have boots with chickens on them only cows.  Let's hope the cow print doesn't give Mr. Podunk any ideas.

We decided to leave the coop stuck in the middle of the backyard until the ground dries out.  The ground is so soupy it wants to suck the shoe right off your foot.  Good news is it doesn't smell bad, which means the finger system wasn't broken.

Since it's stuck  for awhile we might as well go ahead and put some chickens in there!  This is a new adventure for the both of us.  Neither of us were raised on farms but we were both raised in the sticks.  I can remember my gramps having chickens but I didn't help care for them.   We've spent hours just watching these ugly birds.  They can be quite comical and have personalities all there own.  I see now why they call it the plucking order.  We've started giving  them names.  Big Red for the obvious, she's bigger and red.  And then there's Chicken Sh!# because she hides when we come around.  Big Dog because where she goes they all follow.  The last little hen has no name and no personality yet that we can see.  She's also quite smaller than the rest.  So I'm sure her name will include those factors.


This whole chicken fiasco has taken over our lives.  So I thought I might as well make a chicken quilt. After some searching, looking for a chicken quilt pattern.  I found some free patterns I thought I'd share  Fat Cat Patterns has several free applique blocks, here's a couple and I love them but they look like more work than I want to put into my quilt.

This cute and easy block tutorial is also free over at Sew Inspired Blog.  But it just seems to simple.  She needs some feet, eyes and a wing, don't you think?  Hmm...I guess I'll need to draft one of my own that is just right.

For now I've another quilt and several tutorials to write so this one will have to wait.  Oh and lets not forget the Spiderman quilt that I NEED to make next.

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  1. How much fun that will be!!! Looking forward to reading some chicken adventures!

  2. Love your boots! Those surely will not get lost.
    My son and family have chickens in the backyard at their fancy shmancy Walnut Creek CA address. My grandma had a farm and raised chickens. I really never got into all that. At least you will know where your eggs have been. I saw a magazine at my grocery store for chicken growers. You might get some info. from that front.... there's always Google. Have fun.

  3. You need the book "On Behalf of Chickens" by Country Threads. It's OOP but you can probably find it. The entire book is chicken patterns...really cute ones. My favorite is the log cabin chicken quilt. I've made 2 of those. Love your coop! Can't wait to hear your adventures!

  4. My father raised and showed chickens all his live. I really missed the eggs when he passed away and my mom got rid of the chickens. My husband decided awhile back that we needed chickens. In the city we can only have three. They all have personalities and have been named. The one disadvantage to having chickens is we always have to be home by dark to lock them in. The one night we did not get home by dark we lost Bumblebee to a Racoon. We did replace her but Blackie is just not the same as the little chick that the grandkids picked out. Now I, like my father before me, sit around and read chicken books to try and figure out if we are doing the right things. I have not however started raising meal worms for them.

  5. A name suggestion for the wee hen: Henny Penny. Always suits a small hen. You will love your chickens. They are so funny to watch.

  6. When our daughters were in pre-school they learned about hatching eggs around Easter time, and then all of a sudden the pre-school didn't know what to do with all the chicks that hatched, so we adopted 4 of them. The girls had so much fun playing with them. One of the chicks was a rooster and he was very protected of his hens to where the girls couldn't play with the chickens anymore. Roosters can be fun but also mean, eventually the girls wouldn't play outside anymore because of the rooster so we found a new home for the rooster. Fast forward, we are retiring soon and will have chickens again. We enjoy having them roam around and it was like an Easter egg hunt every day. We did gather them up into the coop for the evening. They are a lot of fun.


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