Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

This week has flown by with very little sewing.  I'm busy, busy, busy but getting very little accomplished.  You ever have those weeks?  In between my running around chasing my tail, shopping and chores I ran across an old picture of me and my brother.   Look at Greg's hair.  Wonder why mom gave him an old man comb over?   A sign of things to come?  He was almost bald on top by the age of 30.  At around 40 he shaved his head completely bald.

During the Momma and me thrift shopping this week....  Looky what I found for $5.  A 1963 Sunbeam Iron.  Works like like new.  All original parts.  This one is a little smaller than the other two you see in the background.  And it doesn't have steam which is great.  Sometimes those steam holes flip the edges of my fabric when pressing.  I never use steam anyway.

I love the name....IRONMASTER

The plate has seen better days.  Looks like someone tried to iron the wrinkles out of a gravel pit.  To be over 50 yrs old she looks pretty good.  And I tell you what, once you use one of these old irons you'll never buy a new one again.  You don't need steam because she's hotter than the devils pitchfork!   When I first starting using vintage irons I scorched a few things.  But with every mishap you learn something new.  Did you know peroxide will take out scorching marks?  Here a great tip page I found for removing scorching from fabric.

Do you have or use vintage sewing tools and notions?  I use irons and collect anything that's old and sewing related.  This is one of my new to me favorites.  The graphics on the packaging are too cute.  It's not in real good shape and some pieces are missing.  My SIL found it when cleaning out her dads house.

I love this sales pitch on the packaging.

Things sure have changed fast in the last 50 years.   Some for the better and some for the worse.  

  ~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Nice to see those old things. I love them, and keep them all over my house, never throw away anything.

  2. I try to tell my grandkids that if they will keep their things, then they will have things. Don't just throw things away when you move and have to buy new. If it still works, use it.
    I had to buy a new one when we got here... thing stinks so badly I can't close the door to the sewing room and when I'm in there for a half hour I start to cough. I should have gone to the thrift store.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I have one iron I use dry, one I have water in for when I need steam. I mostly use the dry iron and have a spray bottle of water handy. I have purchased irons at thrift shops and garage sales. Only one is really old and its a smaller iron with no steam holes. I think it was a travel iron. I like my older irons the best. The new irons cost so dang much nowadays and they don't work any better than the older ones. The older ones do get plenty hot too.

    I have also have found old zippers, buttons, snaps too. I use them, but the packaging is so quaint.

  4. I'd love to have an old iron... the weight alone is wonderful when ironing. I love your comment about ironing the wrinkles in a gravel pit. Too funny! The picture of you and your brother is adorable. My mom made me a dress similar to the dress you are wearing. Memories!!

  5. Those scratches come from ironing the 60's we starched and ironed jeans and the metal on the jeans made those scratches. You could stand a pair of starched and ironed jeans up and they would stand on their own!

  6. I love the illustrations on those snaps -- your little one could play like a cowboy, or preen in the mirror, or just sleep well! Makes me want to sew things for little ones. :-)

  7. What a sweet picture of you and your brother! I collect lots of different vintage sewing-related items, especially buttons and rayon seam binding. It seems when I look through piles of vintage supplies, there is an abundance of snaps and hooks and eyes. No one ever used a card up completely. The graphics on old button cards or like your Gripper snaps are so cute. I just love them.

  8. What a great picture! I once tried using one of those old irons but kept burning my material. LOL I love all things old, especially my machines!

  9. Love the old irons. I love finding vintage sewing items and I have some from my mom and grandmother.s. The graphics are neat.


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