Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A lot of Bunny Business Going On

Good Morning everybunny!  It's going to be another beautiful Spring day.  There's been so much going on around here I've not had time to post in a few days.

The weekend was spent stitching the bunnies down with invisible machine applique.  Well as invisible as I can get with my Singer sewing machine.  It won't let me make my stitches as narrow as I like.  But until my favorite machine gets out of the shop this is the best I can do.

Now that they're all secure, there's fabric to cut away from some of the backs due to shadowing.  

Not all the blocks will need the background fabric cut away but I thought since I had to do a few I might as well do them all.  The cut away pieces make some pretty good size scrap that can be cut into squares for another quilt.

See how the background fabric showing through on the one below?   

And this one is super cute but it too has a shadow lurking behind him.
There's interfacing on the backs that of these blocks that also needs to be removed.

It's a good project for lazy weekends.  If you'd like to make some bunnies of your own you can find more information here on my original post.

These little cuties will be put on hold for awhile.  This weekend I started a new project that needs to be done quickly in between the Podunk Posy quilt and tutorials.  I'll fill you in on the details of the new quilt tomorrow.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. So sweet, Lea Anne!!!

    I am so tempted by your Podunk Posy quilt. Thank you for sharing your designs with us. It's so generous.... =)

  2. Pretty bunnies! All the blocks you've shown us are lovely. I'm looking forward to a view of the whole top.

  3. I really like your bunnies and the fabric choices. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Even on the Singer, your machine appliqué looks might fine. I can see what you mean about the shadowing. It will look much better when it's removed. Your bunnies are adorable!

  5. Your bunnies are cute. Wish I could say the same thing about our wild ones but alas they are eating the carrots etc in the vege garden therefore not cute!!!

  6. Bunnies are very cute. Did you use invisible thread? If so, what is the trick and what brand do you use?

  7. You are sew busy! Your applique bunnies are adorable. Thanks for all the photo how-to-do. Applique is something I admire from afar. I feel all thumbs when I even think applique. Yours is beautiful ... :) Pat


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