Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lemon Shake up Finish

 I don't know about you but I'm ready for hot summer days and sipping on homemade lemonade while swinging on the porch swing.  My favorite is fresh squeezed Strawberry Lemonade....Yummy!  I love it when the strawberry syrup stays on the bottom of the glass.  All this dreaming of sunny, warmer days has definitely inspired a few small quilts lately.  My latest below is
"Lemon Shake Up"  It's a small quilt, 28 x 28.  

Using the scraps from the Hillbilly Hookup and Super Nova, I randomly sewed the pieces together until I had a piece big enough to cut a 5" charm. The pile on the left hand side is before making the blocks.  At last they can not be sewn anymore and CAN BE thrown out...Thank goodness.  There may be a few pieces big enough for a stitch but  I'm not digging through that pile anymore.   The insanity stops HERE!  I've gone much farther than planned with the original string blocks.

I tried to slow down the visual on this quilt by framing the 5" charms with 1.5" white strips.

The pale yellow butterfly fabric was just enough color to add some cheeriness without making the quilt to overwhelmed with more color.   I feel like the decorative stitch and using a pale yellow thread added a little whimsy to the quilt.

The scrappy binding was sorta scary.  My fear was that a seam on the binding would fall on every corner.  And if you ever tried to make a nice corner with a binding seam in it, you know it's darn near impossible.  Luckily not one seam fell in a corner...Hows that for luck?!  I'm feeling the sudden urge to go buy a lottery ticket!

The backing is just more of the yellow butterfly fabric.  Don't look to close or you see that the binding hasn't been hand stitched to the back.  It's just glue basted in place for picture taking while the sun is still shining.  I'll get to it one night soon while watching TV with Mr. Podunk.

How about one last sip of Lemonade....

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Looks amazing! I just love this one!

  2. What a darling creation! I love the quilting on the white sashing, makes it look like piecework postage stamps!

  3. Such a cute little quilt! I'm ready for some lemonade, too. Love your quilting.

  4. Oh so cute. Scraps are my favorite to work with.

  5. Fabulous! I feel like making another crumb quilt!

  6. MMMM that is sweet. Found fabric is fabulous... especially yours. You have the cheeriest stash.

  7. fantastic quilt. good enough to eat!

  8. That's so sweet, Lea Anne! And very refreshing. I wish I was as good at using everything up as you are. Great job!

  9. So fun to finally get down to the "throwing it out" stage with scraps. I always tell people that scraps are from the Old Testament....scraps beget scraps that beget scraps that ..... you know how it goes. Love this little table topper. It'ssweet and cheery.

  10. Darling, cheerful little quilt! I love using up scraps this way, and like you, I've had to end the insanity. I may have to give your frames and sashing a go sometime. Those scraps build up so quickly! Don't you agree?

  11. Definitely bright and cheery! Great way to use up the last of those scraps.

  12. Your work is impeccable! I had no idea that those small scraps would make such a cute quilt. I love the sashing quilting. The back reminds me of postage stamps.


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