Saturday, March 16, 2019

~ Bluebirds and Blossoms ~

Some of the best ideas come from playing.  This little quilt was started almost a year ago as a way to unwind after weeks of non stop work.  You can see the start of it here.   Playing with a little pile of pretty scrap fabrics makes the world right again.  I call this style of designing "flying by the seat of my pants".  It's hard to describe my process with most of my patterns.  The best description would be I play the "What If" game.  You can see some ideas I played around with here.  It has hung on my design wall all this time because I felt it needed more.  More what?  I had no clue.  But I would pull it down occasionally, play around with a few design ideas and back up on the wall she would go with no changes made.  After several request for the pattern I decided to just leave her as is and write the pattern.  Say hello to Bluebirds and Blossoms!

This tiny little quilt finishes at 24" x 24".   A perfect project for using up the small bits of scraps that some would toss in the trash.   The largest piece of scrap needed for the applique would be around 3" x 3" but most of the pieces can be cut from 2" x 2 scraps. 

To keep it quick and easy I combined two different styles of applique, raw edge and turned edge for the dresdens.  Some of the applique was stitched in place with Superior Clear Mono-poly thread and some I matched thread to the fabric.

The over the top quilting was a last minute decision also.  Over the last year I've been doing a lot of light quilting on my quilts.  However I love to quilt things to death.  This quilt was the perfect size for quilting it to death.  It allowed me to do what I love but not take 40 hrs to finish.

Finding the perfect spot for my new little cutie was easy.   I wanted in a place where I could see it everyday.  Some place where it's cheerfulness could brighten my day.  What better place than at my desk!  It fits perfectly!   This will make those hours spent at the computer so much easier to do.

The pattern has been added to my Etsy shop here.  It's available in both PDF instant download and Mailed copies.  The mailed copy has a full size Applique Placement Sheet included.   The PDF instant download the Applique Placement Sheet will need to be glued or taped together.  

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  1. Super sweet. I think one could add just a few prairie points in the upper left and bottom right before adding the binding. Maybe that would give it the little extra spark you were looking for.

  2. Hi Lea Anne when u quilt, do you use the Superior Micro quilter
    thread in the bobbin also or only on the top/ TIA Love that quilt

    1. Top and Bobbin. It's to hard to use a different thread in the bobbin. Well for me anyway...LAZY!

  3. We definitely have the same aesthetic in fabric. I have so many of those same fabrics and with 3 young granddaughters, they are perfect for the quilts I make for them. Love it!


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