Friday, January 15, 2021

Fabric Friday

 I'm starting off the year with a bang. Normally at the beginning of the year I make a promise to myself to only purchase fabric if needed for a project.  Well I'm over denying myself of fabric.  I love fabric, I want fabric, and I need fabric.  Below is my Merry Christmas to me Prim fabric, my Happy New year to me Vintage Farm Girl fabric and my Happy Valentines day to me Granny Chic fabric.  All Lori Holt Bundles.  

 Sure I have more fabric than I could ever use in my lifetime.  But does a woodworker say no more wood?  Does a gardener say no more seeds?  No and no.  So why should I or you deny ourselves fabric.  It may seem silly to those who are not quilters, like Mr. Podunk.  But he has a garage full of what I consider useless tools.  And lets not forget the endless supply of fishing tackle and hunting equipment. The justification for those items is..... they are useful and needed for when we need to off grid due to some type of fall of the U.S.   Seriously?  

Ok if that's your(his) argument then think about the past year and the crazy run on toilet paper.  Was I stocking up and worried about TP?  Heavens no, I have a huge cabinet full of fabric I really don't like.  It could be used as TP, napkins, sanitary napkins, clothing and of course quilts to keep us warm when we don't have electricity.  That's also a good reason to keep moms treadle sewing machine.   So no more guilt for quilters.  We are stocking up for the Apocalypse. You'll thank us when you need a coat of many colors and something more than a poison ivy leaf for your bottom end. 

 And just so you are all prepared to make a coat for your loved ones here a great tutorial by Laundry Basket Quilts that makes it quick and easy.


The quilt pattern above, Sweet Sixteen,  can be found in my pattern shop.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that there was a video for the coat pattern. Although, I have already purchased the pattern. In reality, when I opened up the pattern, I was very disappointed for buying it. It's almost like you have to "wing it" yourself anyway. Well, if and when I decide to sew the coat, I will try to remember that she has a video. On a better note, I agree, we need to stock up and not feel guilty for purchasing fabric! Have a great time using yours!

  2. That’s the best justification/reason for buying fabric I’ve heard this year. 😉

  3. Every month my husband writes a check to Direct so he can watch sports. I am not a sports fan and I could live without this nonsense. I feel perfectly justified to spend as much money a month on fabric or quilting related stuff as he does to sit in a chair and watch sports. I actually have something to show for the money spent, he doesn't! Enough said!

  4. Lea Anne, I totally agree with you!! This is a great "rant!" Even my hubby enjoyed it. And yes, I'm right there with you...have more fabric than I'll ever use, but if I like it, and I can afford it, I'm going to get it!! Yeah!! This is an awesome post! And, isn't it great to know that we can use our skills (and fabric) to make something very useful in troubled times? The next week will be interesting. Glad I can cook and hunt and sew!!

  5. So funny! I have been slowly moving toward colorway collections. I started out learning the craft by using only thrifted fabric. Now, I wrap my ebay orders in that fabric and buy the shiny new fabric for myself.

  6. OMG I'm still laughing, and cheering. I have more fabric than anyone betcha, and wanted more over the holidays. It gives me a rush to think of what I could make with it! Considering the long siege we're entering with people thinking they can just take over the country with their weapons instead of legal ways, maybe you're right to plan for an apocalypse.
    Scritches to that pretty pup Khalesi

  7. I'm happy for you. I cannot do it. I have no room left, it spills everywhere, even into tubs in a shed. I feel like my fabric deserves better, so until I can use up some, I'm not buying any unless it is for a specific project!

  8. Heehee! Yep, I'm ready for the apocalypse too!! And, May I say you have mighty fine taste in fabric (as in, I'm trying to convince myself that I "need" Lori Holt's new line!) Happy sewing!! Hugs, H


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