Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Vintage Holiday Charm Quilt and Christmas Cleanup

Back in September of this year my 7 yr. old granddaughter came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  She's full spunk and is quite the creative little gal.  So when she showed an interest in learning to sew I thought a simple charm quilt would be the perfect project.  I was wrong and I ended up finishing up this quilt with the Vintage Holiday charm packs she chose from my stash.  

I'm not a big fan of themed or novelty prints.  But this line of Christmas fabrics was simple and really doesn't scream novelty print.  Since it's not screaming Christmas it was easy to add some non Christmas prints to the mix.

The border print is also a Bonnie and Camille fabric from the line called Smitten.  I love the look of the low volume border and was tempted to feather quilt it to death.  

 Common sense kicked in and I decided to do the bare minimum quilting design to keep it a quick and easy quilt.  Simple straight lines was the perfect addition to make this a cozy, soft and cuddly quilt.  This is probably the quickest I've ever quilted a quilt of this size.  About 2 hours of quilting on my domestic machine and she was ready to bind.

The backing was made from 2 fabrics.  The red is a print from Bonnie and Camille's Handmade line of fabric.  The white with birds and the binding are both Lakehouse Drygoods fabric.  You all knew I would find a way to add Lakehouse to my quilt.  HAHA!

To finish it off I added a simple label with another Bonnie and Camille aqua gingham print.  On the label is the story of how my granddaughter started this and I finished it for her.  My hopes is that it will be something she will cherish the rest of her life.

For now it's time to store it away with all the other Christmas quits.  This big stack of quilts and pillows need to be put back in storage for a few months.

I pulled out the pillow forms and folded everything with the backing side out.  Later in the year when I'm decorating for the patriotic holidays I'll pull these out of storage and refold the to help keep them as healthy as possible.

Storing with the backing side out protects the pretty side from light, dust or stains.  If these were going into my hope chest I would put them in pillow cases or wrap them in sheets.  But these will go into large clear plastic totes in my office.  Then I will cover the totes with a sheet to protect them from the sunlight.  Folding them with the label showing makes it easier to find one if I need it for marketing or trunk shows.

Since we're on the topic of quilt storage and hope chest I thought I would share a picture of my girl.  She often sleeps with her head under the hope chest.  Not sure why she crams herself into this small space like this but I find hilarious and cute.

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  1. I start my grandchildren sewing by making a pillowcase. It's a fast easy project with instant results! The charm quilt turned out very cute, happy stitching!

  2. My kids (and now grands) started like Gretchen - plain, big pieced projects that finish quickly. Pillow case, pillow top, plain aprons

  3. My granddaughter is 15 months old. I've been on a marathon clean up in my sewing room since Jan 1. Hope to finish today. Facetimed with her & my son the other day as I was cleaning. Told my son I should have had all daughters instead of my 3 sons with all the stuff I have. He laughed and said she will probably love all my stuff someday. I hope!! :)
    I love your quilt. We like the same fabrics. I found some Smitten (with the measuring tape the other day. When I saw yours I had to have it. The last line you circled touched my heart and I had to find some! haha- you're an enabler :)

  4. Lea Anne, this made me chuckle! One of my sons showed an interest in making a quilt when he was younger, but OH MY GOSH did his interest wane a few days into the project when he realized how far he still had to go!! We had to resize his project and make it a quilt for his bunny stuffed animal instead of for him, and I had to quilt and bind it for him because he'd had ENOUGH. I love how "common sense" kicks in for you with the quilting, too. Maybe "common sense" is what I should have asked Santa to get me for Christmas -- I'd get a lot more finished in 2021!


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