Thursday, January 21, 2021

Making Changes to On Podunk Pond Quilt

 One of the great things about quilting is there's more than one way to do just about anything. If you don't like making half square triangles by cutting and sewing two triangles together you have other options.  There's techniques to make two at a time, four at a time, eight at a time and rolls of paper for making oodles at a time.   The unit below is for the inset border triangle of my version of Bonnie Hunters quilt pattern On Ringo Lake.  The pattern calls for these units to be oversized and trimmed down after piecing the quilt.  For me this method doesn't work well.  And I'd really rather not spend anymore time ripping out stitches this week due to trying to do a technique that I know doesn't work well for me.  Let me say before moving on.  Bonnie's pattern is perfect, I'm not in anyway saying she did anything wrong.  I just need to do things the way I know works best for me.

 I decided to use EQ8 cutting instructions.  Bonnie's way of making these units were easier to cut and assemble than this odd shape below.  Since it's an odd shape with uncommon cutting measurements I made a test piece from paper before cutting into my precious fabric.  Using paper to make test pieces can be done with any pattern.  Years ago I would make test blocks from fabric.  If it came out wrong I wasting fabric.  Then one day I had an epiphany....make the block with paper.  It can be tossed in the trash or upcycled for a cute way to take notes or leave messages on the fridge.

For this test piece I used construction paper.  I keep construction paper on hand for when the grandkids come to visit.

The two different colored paper were layered together and cut at the same time.  

It was much easier than it looked.  So far things are looking great.

Now to sew the paper together.

That's right, I'm going through the motions and pretending it's fabric.  

I even pressed the seam to the dark side.  Wouldn't want the quilt police on my tail. Haha!  Tip if you try this method of sewing paper:  You'll need to make your seam allowance just a tad larger.  On my sewing machine I move the needle to the left 2 clicks.

If these triangle units fit on the top then I start cutting the units from fabric.

It doesn't look like it's going to fit.

I was teasing you! It fit perfectly!  Yah!

It's smooth sailing from here.  The process was repeated using fabric.

Layering the fabrics right sides together before cutting makes things a little easier.  I can cut a left and a right odd shape at the same time and they are ready to be sewn together.

All they need is a few little pins.

This unit will fit perfectly with no trimming after it's in the quilt.  I think I'm going to go the extra mile for accuracy sake and trim those tips with this ruler by Fons and Porter

TADA!  No trimming the entire quilt top or in my case no wonky quilt top.  Now I can start piecing the rows with confidence.

What do you do to add a little sunshine into your life?  Is there's something that always makes your heart sing?  For me it's fabric play.  Of course listening to some 70's rock music also puts a pep in my step and a smile on my face.  Word of warning,  put done the rotary cutter if your going to disco dance in the sewing room....that's a story for another day.😂

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  1. Bonnie's ways aren't always my ways either. Podunk Pond is such a beautiful quilt, love it! Happy stitching!

  2. I frequently use constructing paper when working out the details of a block. Especially when I am working with some funky sizing issues when I am playing with block sizes.

  3. What a cool way to test your piecing idea! Your quilt is looking fabulous so far.


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