Saturday, January 2, 2021

Late Christmas Delivery ~ Happy Mail!

 Look what came in the mail this week.  My sweetheart daughter in law, Tabby, sent me this awesome book.  It's one that has been on my wish list for quite a long time.   When Quiltmaker started publishing the yearly 100 blocks I collected almost all of them.  Each magazine was filled with new and creative blocks that I couldn't wait to make but never found the time.   I'm pretty sure this is a collection of all or some of the magazines I already have but I don't care.  I love having them all rolled into one.   My quilt book and magazine collection is almost as large as my fabric stash collection.  A quilter can never have to many books with pretty pictures, right?  

As I flipped through the pages  a few little blocks caught my eye.  Can you guess the designer?  If you've been following me for awhile you probably know the answer.

I remember when Pam made these blocks and shared them on her blog.  Everything she makes is just too darn cute.  And I have all these fabrics tucked away in my stash. 

 I could make them, I want to make them all.  There's a few more of her blocks in the book, so I could make the most darling quilt.  I may need to MOO-VE this project along.   If you are confused about MOO-VE, you can read about it in my previous blog post here.

It would be a quick quilt since all the quilt math is in the book.  In the back of the book is several different layout options.  Everything a gal needs to whip up a quilt.  

In the original magazines there were pull out pages with templates for the applique or embroidery designs.  The book has a CD for printing out the quilt block information and templates.  What a great addition to my Quiltmaker magazine collection.  Thank you Miss Tabby!

I did a little google search for you if you would like to have a copy of your own.  I get nothing if you click on the link.  I just like to help out when I can.  With the postal service running behind I thought Amazon would be the quickest delivery.  Click here.

So how about a little flip through the pages. Enjoy!

Our baby girl getting ready to nap with her baby bunny toy...too cute.

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  1. Who wouldn’t love those bright happy fabrics!! Always loved my Pam Kitty.

  2. fun quilting book, enjoyed the flip video. LOVEkhalesi taking a nap...

  3. How cute are those flower pops? I need that book.
    Love your pooch! So sweet.


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