Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Leaders and Enders Design Ideas

 Okay I'll admit it, I jumped into this leaders and enders thing with absolutely no idea what I was going to make with them.  The fabrics were already cut so I just started sewing them together.  Making the process a habit was my only concern.  Now that I'm nearing the end of my little stash of blue and yellow squares I need a plan before going any further.  And that plan needs to fit into what I've already haphazardly sewn together.

These squares were leftover from a simple charm quilt I made last year. 

The thought has crossed my mind to make pillow shams to match my Simply Summer quilt above but a quilt would be a lot more fun.   Who knows I may still go that direction.  But for now playing around with ideas is just part of my process.  Cutting more squares isn't a problem.  I've tons more blue scraps in my older scrap stash.  The yellow scrap bin is almost empty but I could always cut from my yardage.

In my spare time over the last few days I drew up some ideas for the scraps.  The two quilts on the top are the ones I'm leaning towards.  They are quick and easy and require only cutting background fabric.  Do I want to make this a HUGE project and cut more squares?  Maybe.  Only time will tell. 

Another thing is quilt math.  Ugg...I love designing quilts but the quilt math sometimes is a real chore.  Mindlessly sewing and cutting using someone else's pattern sounds much nicer.  And who is the queen of scrap quilting patterns?  Well Bonnie Hunter of course!  I pulled out every Bonnie book I own.  So many beautiful quilts but I'm looking for just the right pattern for my already pieced squares.  I found 2 that look promising and require tons more cutting.  In both she has a light dark theme going on in the squares but I could still use mine even though they are mostly just blue.

Then I remembered Bonnie had recently released a new stand alone pattern in blues.  Her Winter Blues pattern would be perfect for the blues and would also put a big dent in my blue scrap bins.  I don't have a ton of low volume background prints in my stash but I do have a ton of different white scraps with no print or tone on tone.  This is looking promising.  If you're interested in this Winter Blues quilt pattern you can find it here in Bonnies Shop.  If I use this pattern it will  mean I'll need to find another quilt pattern for the yellows.  Decisions, decisions....oh look a squirrel!....LOL!  My mind is constantly jumping around.  It'll all come together eventually.

For now it's back the studio to work on my On Podunk Pond(On Ringo Lake) quilt by Bonnie. Well, maybe it's time for a little self care.  I've got this going on today.  My bed head was tickling my face so I grabbed a the paintbrush I use for starching applique and fixed the problem.

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  1. Of the four designs you posted I liked the lower left. I think it would work easily for the blocks you currently have cut and sewn.

  2. Of the 4 quilts you designed, I like the lower right best. I have that same book by Bonnie Hunter, I light the right side pattern best. Someday I want to make that one too. Happy stitching!

  3. I LOVE leader/ender projects -- especially those designed by Bonnie Hunter! I have the same problem--I want to do them all.

    Love how you fixed your hair. I wish mine was thick enough to do that.

  4. I’ve been in the “oh look, a squirrel” camp for most of a year now. I’ve lost most of my quilting mojo and have been doing counted cross stitch except for a few hexagons. I like the Irish chain arrangement for your scraps.

  5. I too have lost my mojo this last year. I intend to do more 4-patches, then with the Essential Triangle Ruler cut some HST's and with those together make a scrappy Jacob's ladder quilt. Making one of those has been on my wish list for some time. Since I've been making strip bins with 1 1/2", 2 1/2" and 4 1 1/2" strips I should be able to get at it! (when the mojo returns!)

  6. I have done the same thing with my hair at times, just grab whatever’s long and skinny and get it out of the way. It works! Did you look at some of the free patterns on Bonnie’s site? There’s some good possibilities there too.

  7. LI love them all. Great thinking.


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