Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Organizing the Studio

Look what I found!  How in the world did I forget about these?  Better yet how did I find them?  Oh my goodness the rabbit hole I've been down in the last week.  

But first lets talk about why these became UFO's.  Both became overwhelming due to the difficulty of quilting I chose to do on each.  I love fancy quilting but I don't like doing it.  Hence the reason for doing much easier quilting these days.  The yellow and blue quilt has tons of tiny crosshatching. 

And the Hummingbird quilt is 100% ruler work.  Those little blocks measure 4 inches!  Yikes.  What was I thinking?  Well they can stay UFO's a little while longer because I'm still not in the mood to spend that much time quilting them.  Both are about a quarter of the way quilted.  The yellow and blue quilt is about 100 inch square....UGGG.  Yep back in storage they will go.

So about that rabbit hole I've been in for the last week.  It all started when I order some fabric and it wouldn't fit in the stash cabinet.  My thought was I just need to do some rearranging and organizing of two different spaces.  I could toss or donate my batting scraps in the far end of my cutting table.  Then move the books from stash cabinet one to the cutting table.  TADA!  Problem solved.  HAHAHA!

What I thought was bags of batting were two bags of unfinished quilts and one bag of batting to finish one of the two quilts(the Hummingbird quilt).

This is where the snowball starts rolling down the hill and things got way out of hand and before I knew it I was finding and sorting scraps for days.  Days doesn't mean whole days.  I would sort about an hour or two a day.  It was still way more time than I should have been spending on this right now.  There's things to plant in the garden, windows to wash, patterns to be written and....so many other things to do.

Who put all this stuff away in such a mess?

With every drawer and cabinet door opened I found more and more chaos.  

Scraps everywhere!  Why do I do this?  As the old saying goes..."The road to hell is paved with good intentions".  I know my intentions were to organize these after the next must make quilt.  Sad thing is that list of must makes never ends.  

That's it, from now on I will deal with the scraps as they are made.  No more putting things off.   Well you know unless there's something really important or a time crunch kind of thing.  Sigh...all I can do I try to stay on top of things if I ever dig myself out of this mess.  Wish me luck!

Moo-ve 2021 is my word of the year.  It means to move myself in healthy ways both mentally and physically.  It also applies to quilting.  Moving old projects along or finishing them.  Basically it's all about making progress and MOVING.  

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  1. Those UFO's are too beautiful to be put away - again - but I totally understand when it comes to the quilting process. Scraps, been there, done that. After sorting scraps for ages (it felt like that!), I decided never again! From that day scraps are taken care of after each finish; cutting squares, strips etc. Good luck to you!

  2. I have a modified Bonnie Hunter scrap storage system that suits the type of quilts I make and always put away into the system after each project. ALTHOUGH, I work multiple projects at the same time and that can get a little confusing.

  3. There are few quilters/sewers that have a picture-perfect looking studio/sewing space, so know that you are not the only one that has many of these same problems. All a person can do is clean/straighten like you're doing right now and make some 'rules' to follow to help the chaos. Do you have a list of UFOs? I made one a few years back and I try to finish two UFOs before starting a new project. I am making a dent in the list!! Angela Walters says, "Finished is better than perfect." Isn't that a great attitude? I try to follow her advice. Get the unfinished quilting done on one of those two quilts!!! (That's what my mom and my sister would tell me!)


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