Monday, May 10, 2021

In the Studio and in the Garden

The blue and yellow leaders and enders project is moving along nicely now that I've changed gears from a leaders and enders to a get it done mode.  Patience for the leaders and enders process is something I still need to work on.

However I'm still on board with the process.  So while finishing up the blue and yellow leaders and enders I'm starting another.  These containers of triangles for HST's are my leaders and enders for the blue leaders and enders.

Yesterday's HST's still need to be squared up this morning before doing anything else in the studio

Hopefully I can find some time at the end of the day to make a dresden or two from this UFO.  This will be a small project.  The plan was for a bed runner but it might be a table runner.  Can a bed runner be used as a table runner?  I suppose as long as your table is as large as your bed, right?

But before I do anything in the studio I need to hop out to Mr. Podunk's garden and uncover the plants.  We had a little frost last night so he covered the plants that can't tolerate frost.

The peppers and tomato plants were our biggest concern.

This gave me a chuckle.  Obviously he ran out of buckets and bowls.  Whatever works and gets the job done.

The snap peas are a little more tolerant of frost so they did not need covering.  However I'm noticing a good weeding is in order.  Maybe I can spare an hour or so to help out in the garden.  

He's doing a pretty good job but lacks the time.  I used to be the one to manage the garden but health issues in the last couple of years kept me inside.  The health problems are much better now so I think I give it another try.  Gardening, like quilting, is very relaxing.   Right now would be the best time to do a little weeding while it's muddy.  Those weeds will pop right out of the ground.

Of course Miss Khaleesi wanted to help.  She's very curious about what's under this plastic.

We also have a couple of raised beds in need of some love.  This is his garlic patch.  It's doing really well.  Garlic is planted in the fall, mulched heavily over the winter and then harvested in June or July depending on the weather.

The other raised was our onion patch last year.  These onions are volunteers we did not plant them this year.  Instead of onions he wanted asparagus in this bed.  Since it takes a couple of years to get a good asparagus patch going he decided to let the onions do their thing.  I guess I need to trim these up before they bolt and do a little weeding here as well.

Here's his asparagus.  It doesn't look like much but it grow rapidly after this year.  That's why it gets a bed of its own.  It's like a weed and will take over.  You only need to plant it once and it comes back year after year.  Well I better get busy on these weeds so I can get back into the quilting studio.


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Rebecca Grace said...

That leaders and enders project is looking great! I enjoyed the tour of your garden, too. Our rottie pup likes to help my husband with gardening, too, but we had some miscommunication last week when my husband was trimming the top of the hedges. Sam interpreted this as "daddy and I are attacking the bushes together" and he started ripping branches off from the BOTTOM of the bushes and then racing around the yard with the branches in his mouth like he was doing victory laps... It was hysterical to watch but frustrating for my husband! Hah!

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