Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Ironing Station Cover

 It's time to recover the ironing station in my studio.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the cover other than I'm tired of looking at it. Over the last year or so I would occasionally lay another piece of fabric over it but would not staple it in place. 

Since it's still in good shape and only needs to be washed to remove the starch I decided to carefully remove the staples.

And then this happened at about staple #10.

Plan B...rip the darn thing off the board, if it survives I'll wash it.  If it doesn't, so be it.  Yes I'm pouting and stomping like a two year old.  We'll just chalk it up to old lady hormones.

As I took my pain out on the fabric I exposed more layers of fabric I didn't know existed.

It's hard telling how many are actually on here.  Mr. Podunk and I made this 10 yrs ago.  Since then it has been covered too many times to count.  I also know there's at least one more layer of aluminum foil besides the one you see here. The white fabric I'm holding is glued to the foil.

To help stabilize the foil and keep me from tearing it when I turn this board over I add painters tape to the edge.  One more layer for me to forget when I change this cover the next time. 

Now that it's flipped right sides up I can remove the offending fabric.  My goodness will you look how stiff it is from starch.

I auditioned several different fabrics before deciding I like this print the best, it's a Bonnie and Camille fabric.  My inside quilty gal started screaming "Don't use it for an ironing board cover!"  But the gal who's finger is still hurting is the boss today.  It's just fabric and it makes me happy.  

The fabric was quickly clamped in place, I need to work fast before quilty gal starts screaming again.

Quilty Gal has some very valid points about this fabric but I really don't want to rehash them for hours on end.  I just want to get this done and return to sewing. 

Remember when you were a kid and your mom warned you of making decisions when you are upset.  This is one of those moments she was talking about.  It would have been much easier to trim the fabric on the cutting table before adding it to the ironing board.  Well here I am, feeling a little more aggravated.  I was ready to remove the new fabric and cut it at the cutting table when Lea Anne MacGyver pops in and says "RIP IT".   I love that MacGyver, she's a handy gal to have around when I make bad decisions.  So with a quick snip and a couple of yanks on the fabric.....

....we have a perfectly trimmed fabric.  TADA!

The excess fabric on the top couldn't be ripped but it didn't take long to use a pair of scissors to remove it.

The first edge is always the easiest edge to staple into place.

The rest of them are a little harder.  Pulling the fabric snug while stapling is quite the chore.  It's only a chore because this stapler requires a lot of hand strength.  Do they make a girl stapler?  You know something a little easier to use?  Maybe in red or pink?  I see an Amazon shopping trip in my near future. 

Now I've seen quilters get all in a fuss over tacking down the corners.  Seriously?  This isn't a Christmas gift.  It's an ironing board.  Once flipped right side up no one will know that it's not perfect.

Keeping it simple...I grab the point of the corner and tug it snug.

Bam, Bam, bam and we have one corner done.  As easy as pie!  No fuss, no muss! 

 I love the new look of my ironing station.  Light and airy.

I loved it so much I decided to recover my smaller ironing boards.  The one on top is used when making turned edge applique.  The pink one rarely gets used but it comes in handy when I'm too lazy to get up out of my chair and walk around the table to press something.  This makes me so happy!  I'm recharged and ready to get back to sewing!  Whoohoo!

My word of the year MOOVE.  Getting things done, moving them along or moving me.  It basically means activity for me and my projects.  Today's MOOVE was recovering the ironing table that was driving me nuts.

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  1. You don't need a girl stapler, you need a Black and Decker Power Shot stapler. It is much easier to use, as you are depressing the handle at the same end as the staples come out. Staples go in easier, with less chance of having them partially done. I'm not affiliated in any way, just a very happy user of one. If you go with electric, don't go cheap! I did and that thing jammed up about every 2-3 staples (brand and model is lost from memory). That was why I got a Power Shot.

    Bummer on the injury, but your pressing station and boards do look nice.

  2. I just redid mine, too, but I use outdoor fabric on mine. Yours is very pretty!

  3. Thank you for reminding me! When in Charleston several years ago, like 10 now that I think about it......I bought some cherry fabric with a border. My husband used it to cover my IKEA table purchased specifically for my ironing table (why didn't I think to get drawers and put a cover on top, I do have plastic bin drawers). Anyhooo DH covered it and through the years my eldest daughter and I were sewing a quilt together for one of her pregnant friends/coworkers or someone, and she accidentally rotary cut on it AND I have spilled enough water to stain it. I have enough to recover and I have been meaning to ask DH to do that for me (sorry he won't let me near his tools except the lawnmower haha). Have a great day and scratch that sweet dog's ears for me and give him an extra treat too! or her Khalesi okay her!

  4. Sorry about your finger and the blood, but I loved your honest (and humorous) commentary on resurfacing your pressing area!! :-) Glad you were feeling better and happier by the end of the project! :-) Hugs, H


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