Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Shabby Love ~ UFO Quilt #3 2023

Do you remember when Wal-Mart had a huge fabric department and would have a quilt of the month?  This was way back in the late 90's early 2000.  The pattern would have a free pattern for the taking.  You didn't even need to purchase fabric to get the free pattern.  Every month I would get the pattern but would rarely the fabric due to money was tight when the kids were still at home.  

All but the background fabrics in this quilt are from Wal-Mart.  I never made the free quilt pattern but in 2014 I added some quilt shop quality background fabrics to the mix and made this quilt top.  

The softer colors really appeal the 90's girl with big hair that still lives inside me.  Remember the large floral print couches and huge crown moldings of the 90's?  My living room was painted Blush Ice with white crown molding.  Blush Ice was a fancy name for pale pink.  My husband called it the Neapolitan ice cream room because the carpet was dark brown.

Our bedroom carpet was mauve with mauve floral wallpaper.  This quilt would have matched perfectly in both rooms.  Today some would call this a Shabby Chic quilt due to the muted colors and simple pattern.  When making the quilt in 2014 I had no plan or reason for working in this color pallet.  You know how it is, sometimes you look at your fabrics and just start pulling fabrics because on that day that's what appeals to you.  

The quilting was kept fairly simple and I'm not happy with my choice of crosshatching, but I who wants to pick out stitches.  As they say "finished is better than perfect".

I'm still working on making labels using the lettering on my sewing machine.  It's a learning process.  Instead of Googling and watching videos about how to do this, I'm just playing it by ear and making mistakes.  That's the best way to learn, right?   My first attempt was common mistake, no starch and no fabric stabilizer.  I knew better....grrrr.  The second attempt wasn't much better.  The fabric was stabilized but not big enough.  Gee wiz, I'm a pro!

Again, it's not perfect but it's done.  I'm happy with how it looks.  Over time I'll get the hang of this new to me way of making labels.  It's a good challenge.  Maybe next time I'll try some of those fancy stitches too....Maybe.

Until next time....

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I never knew WalMart gave patterns away, I was too busy raising children. With teenage boys to feed, we had no extra money for fabric. It's amazing how much more money is available after they leave home. I love your quilt! She's a true beauty, so sweet and gentle.

    By the way, we still have our big flowered couch. We won't be getting a new one until the grandchildren are much older and have completely worn it out. Happy stitching!

    1. We didn't have much extra spending cash either. I had two boys also, man can they eat! My dad still has the same flowered couch in these colors. Our couch is a solid color and the grandkid have gave it a run with bodily fluids, food and drinks. I know as soon as I replace it someone will have another child.

  2. While reading your post, I was thinking you were in my house in the 90's! :) Your quilt is beautiful... so soft and calming.

  3. I think we all still have some 90's decor.

  4. I do remember that Lea Anne...good times...my mom w grab one everytime. The only fabric she'd buy was to make clothes years ago when little.. I got them too back then. Wish I had them now!! Thanks for jogging my memory. Pretty quilt too. I see no bad quilting!!


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