Thursday, June 20, 2024

Seeing Stars

Hey Quilty Friends!  There's been progress on the current project.  If you missed the post about this quilt you can read more about it on my previous blog post.  You'll also find a link to the free quilt pattern.

Choosing to do the applique star blocks first was a good idea.  It took about 3 hours total to make them.  From ironing the fabric, cutting and stitching the stars in place.  It felt good to see it come together so quickly.  The next set of blocks will take a bit longer since they require more sewing and cutting.  

If you are new to raw edge applique and would like to learn more, I made a video a few years ago.  Just click here to hop over to YouTube to watch the video.

Sometimes when doing applique I use the same thread on the top as in the bobbin.  Due to the price of the finer Microquilter thread, the decision was made to use a cheaper serger thread in the bobbin.  If there were any doubt in my mind that it would cause  a problem, it would not of been used.  I'm pretty confident the SureLock thread will hold up just fine.  I use it 100% of the time for piecing and will sometimes use it for quilting the quilt.

The difference in the size of the thread is very noticeable.  So if you choose to use different weight threads, you may need to adjust with the top tension  I try to always use the same color thread on top and in the bobbin. This helps hide any tension issues.  Of course after the quilt has been washed and dried those issue will disappear.  

Now to tackle the mountains of red and white fabrics!


I bought these scraps on an impulse.  After sorting them by color I realized I don't want or need them.
If you live near Martinsville, Indiana and would like them, let me know.  I will gladly meet up with you and hand them off.  Sorry but I will not ship.  If these are not taken by 6/24/24, they will be donated to the Salvation Army thrift store.

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  1. This quilt is going to be a wonderful QOV! Happy stitching and I hope your back is doing better!

  2. I too use the Sure Lock thread in my piecing and it has held up for all my own quilts just fine. If I lived there I'd come get your scraps(not that I truly need more)!


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