Saturday, June 22, 2024

Tackling The Red And White Scraps

 Hello Quilty Friends!  It took two days to work my way through the red and white fabrics.  I took breaks often to give my back a rest. Then I had to cut some of them more than once because the universe knows I love scrappy quilts so it worked in a few miscuts.  Awe, how sweet.

I opted to use what I have on hand.  I did not open the fat quarter bundles and did not purchase any fabric.  My friend Judy offered to let me pull from her stash.  What a good friend to feed my addiction but I graciously declined her offer.  I ended up with 19 repeat fabrics.  Once everything was cut, they were separated to make sure there would be no repeat fabrics in one block.  I don't think I've purchased any fabric this year, can you believe that!?

Yesterday and this morning my back has been feeling  much better.  There's some work needing done outside today so I hope to get into the sewing room around lunchtime.  That should be more than enough time to complete all the simple quilt blocks today. If you missed my blog post about this free quilt pattern, you can find it here.

Below is short video this morning for my Facebook friends.

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  1. I work outside in the morning also, just a little cooler. Your quilt is going to be very pretty, happy stitching!

  2. Deb Bernardson
    Today is my birthday. not sure what is going to happen. read a book on the porch for awhile. do some sewing. just what ever comes along. so glad you back to posting, missed you!

    1. Happy Birthday Deb! Hope you have a blessed day! By the way, today is my hubby's birthday too!

  3. Happy birthday to your husband and Deb! Like Deb, I have miss you posting too. Glad your back is improving.

  4. Can't wait to see what you make with the red and white fabrics. Leanne, I had joined that Quilt Scrap Enthusiast FB group after reading about it on your Duckworth post awhile back. Now for some reason it's gone from my groups and even searching for it brings up nothing, so someone must have banned, blocked or threw me out of the group, but I don't know why? I doubt I broke any rules as I would only share scrappy quilts I made once in awhile. Since I cannot even find them to ask what happened, I am at a loss. Just wondered why this happened? I read that when it happens, someone can send an invitation to the group. If they accept me back in though, I wonder if it will happen again or what? Maybe I should chalk it up to it's their loss as I had lots of quilts to share, but they won't see them anymore. You would think they would at least contact me if I did something wrong and explain before they kicked me out as how would I know if I broke a rule, since every group has different rules and who can keep track of them all? I don't swear and am not a mean person. I didn't do anything stupid. I belong to another scrap quilt group that I can share my quilts with, but I really enjoyed seeing other people's quilts in that group. :0(


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