Sunday, April 21, 2013

Longarm flower bouquet

A couple of weeks ago while at the LQS I saw the Magnetic bowl being sold as a pin holder.  Now I've one of these for when I'm working on my truck or something around the house with screws.  The one I had was a little larger than what the LQS selling.  But I noticed the price seemed kinda high, $8!  The larger one that I bought didn't even cost that much.  So I  was off to Harbor Freight.  And looky here, less than half the cost of the LQS.  You can buy them online here, but there's shipping costs.  I bet you can find them at the auto parts store for less, maybe even Wal-mart.  When I tossed my pins in the dish they just automatically arranged themselves like this....A bouquet of flowers!  This is so handy when pinning a quilt the longarm. 
 Super strong magnet even holds on upside down.  
I think I'm going to get a second one for my smaller piecing pins.
Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. I purchased mine at Harbor Freight, also. Another great "sewing" item that have is an extentable wand with a magnetic end that is great for picking up dropped pins.

  2. My husband has quite a few of these in his garage:) hmm good use.

  3. When I got my HQ16 my husband reached over and pulled the one that was hanging on the basement fridge off and gave it to me. For some reason he had a supervisor that gave them to the maintenance guys several years in a row. I actually saw them for $10 in a shop in Illinois and $15 in Texas. I told my aunt to go to an auto parts store for one. Those prices are crazy!


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