Friday, April 5, 2013

Here I come to save the day!

Mighty mouse is on his way! ....LOL No this post has nothing to do with Mighty Mouse or any mouse.  A friend of mine called this week needing a hand with some things, so I threw on my mighty cape and flew over.  After we finished the task at hand I offered up my services for another project.  Of course there's a catch on the payment.  No money required!  Fabric payment from her stash!  The best kind. She agreed...Yippee!   She's a newbie quilter, one quilt under her belt, and one in the process now for over 2 years.  Its a sentimental quilt.  Her late husbands shirts made into a quilt.  She's raising her 6 yr old grand daughter with no help from anyone, not even the mother.(I won't rant)  Anyway her health is getting worse and her time to work on the quilt is very limited.  She choose the quilt pattern shortly after his passing and asked me to help her figure it out.   25 of these blocks, the original plan was over 40!  We decided yesterday to change the plan. The teeny tiny little buttons were found at a local quilt shop.  How Cute is that?!
 The original plan called for a shirt block in each square.  The new plan is to alternate having a second block.  She said just leave it blank, but that's because of the amount of work it would take for me to make a piece a block.  I'm wanting a pieced block.  Any suggestions?  I figure the more shirt fabric we use the better.  The cornerstones will either be nine patch or just a shirt patch.  She really wants the blue sashing and dark blue border.  However I could work in some more of the shirt material in both and still use the blues.  Suggestions?
There's plenty of shirt fabric to make several quilts!  One large black garbage bag FULL.  I'll think about it for awhile and I'm hoping that I get some helpful advice from blog land.  Hopefully I'll be able to start on it in a couple of weeks.
Today I want to get the rest of this pieced, a little over half way there and then the border.  That's up for debate also...decisions...decisions....

Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. How about making the plain blocks into a sort of single Irish chain by maybe using the background fabric and shirts in 9-patches?

  2. The shirt blocks are really cute. I do think more shirts the better..I know its a lot more work though.

  3. hmm...I thought about this a little bit and the shirts read kind of boxy/starry which makes it a little harder. The two ideas that I had were to either 1) have a smaller white square surrounded by a shirt border and another white border or 2) quilt something in the block with a colored thread. I like the irish chain idea too.

  4. One of the ladies in my guild was commissioned to do some quilts for a family out of their dad's shirts, and I remember her doing a couple in the bowtie pattern. They were wonderful, and the family was thankful to have something to snuggle up in made from his shirts.


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