Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What didn't make the cut

Still working on the spare bedroom redo.  Its so close to done.  All that's left to paint is the top window pane, but that will have to wait for a warm dry day.  Hard to paint if the rain is coming through window.  So today I'm going through all the junk   stuff that's stored in this room.  Mostly my cloths and some of the things from my kids.  These little guys are cherished and I've always had them displayed.  They will find a new home somewhere else in the house.    I should explain one item and that's the broken bottle , it served as guitar slide for my oldest son, didn't want you to think there was a bar room brawl!..LOL
 While going through my cloths I found these, haven't worn them in over a year so they are out of here and can be deboned and added to the quilting stash.  
This huge pile didn't make the cut for the quilting room.  I know the jeans could be made into a quilt but I've already a big box of jeans.
 The Scrap Happy Flowers top is nearly finished!  It's pressed and ready to be measured for the borders.  It took some work in EQ and a tip from a follower(Nann) to come up with a good plan. So many gave me some good ideas but I've tons of hst's left to make an interesting border and another small quilt.  Thanks Nann!
Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"

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