Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another day older...

....and deeper in debt...For all you older followers I'm sure you know that tune from way back.  I'm not that old, 44, as of yesterday.  But my Dad made sure that we were cultured in all music.   Anyway mom and I spent the first part of my b-day at the hospital, she had a 15 minute test that needed to be done.  After 2 hours for a 15 minute test we ate lunch.  She wanted to eat somewhere nice but I was having issues with  my sugar level due to the fact that we skipped breakfast because the test was only supposed to be 15 minutes.  I needed food fast, so I picked the closest place...White Castle...Not much of a birthday dinner but its better than passing out while driving to a nice restaurant.  After eating our belly bombs we did some thrift store shopping, momma is the queen of thrift stores.  Rarely will she buy new clothing, but will pay over $100 for the right shoe?  Back to my find of the day.  I found these lovelies. Four ladies blouses that will be deboned the Bonnie Hunter way and made into scraps for quilting.  My cost(moms cost because she was buying) about $6.  The milk glass vase was a thrift find last week for $2.
My dad loves to give funny b-day cards.  He's a great gift giver also.  His memory is amazing so he picks up on little things that you say throughout the year to give the best gifts and cards.  We had a conversation about how I feed the neighbors cows apples, they come running when they hear my 4 wheeler coming down the road.  So my dad found this great card.
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. Happy Birthday yesterday. Love the card as I grew up on a farm.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Belly bombs is a good name for WC. Haven't ate any in years.

  3. Happy Birthday Lea. Wish my next birthday was going to be 44 and not 67. It's always a shock to realize that I am that old. Most of the time I don't feel that old. Great birthday card.

  4. Well, happy birthday! My birthday was just yesterday. I love the way you shop for fabric, too. My kind of gal. Beautiful shirts, and I love the milk glass, too!


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