Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Busy Bee

Mr. Podunk has taken on the new hobby of Bee Keeping.  This is our second year of having hives on the property.   My suggested spot of putting them on the backside of the property was frowned upon, so these Buzzing Boxes are in the backyard.   Every couple of weeks or so he opens up the hives for an Wellness inspection.   My thought is that these little guys have been around for thousands of years and didn't need a wellness checkup to survive, why start now?  They seem to have the survival thing down pat with that pointy little stinger.
He keeps telling me I need to get closer to get a better picture of the bees.  I'm about 20 ft from him,  that's too close for me.  How do I let him talk me into this?! 
 It was at about this point that he angered the bees and they started buzzing around ME.  I'm not wearing a bee suit!  Luckily I wasn't stung, but Mr. Podunk wasn't so lucky, stung once in the hand.  Notice he's not wearing gloves.  Brave or crazy?  Some people need excitement in their life, this kind I can live without.
 I'll stick to the insects that are a little more passive. 
 The bees were given a clean bill of health, but Doctor Podunk reminds me that a few LIVE CHICKENS on the property would help to keep harmful bugs away from the bee hives.    This is how it starts, first it's bees, then chickens...whats next goats?   Before you know it I'll be living Green Acres.  For those of you who don't remember Green Acres below is the intro for the popular old sitcom.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. If I lived out like you do, I would have every kind of creature I could! I love little critters. One of my urban neighbors has chickens and I only know that because they have a rooster who crows every morning. I love him! Have you seen how cute those tiny goats are? Acccckkkkk..... They hop! Adorable! Come on...give in....

  2. I always think about the scientists taking animals and fish out of the wild and doing experiments... to save their populations.... JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE! That's what I'd say. You may be killing the one that would provide the best genes to the next generation of that species.
    (There has to be some sort of stress on the bees from opening and leering. Also, here in CA it would be best for the hive to be in the shade... somewhere they would naturally build one of their own.
    I'm with you - I love my adopted butterflies and birds in the wild, where they belong.

  3. This is a hoot. You have to remember how important bees are for the pollination of plants which ultimately support everything we eat. Notice that I understand this, intellectually, but I have not put bee hives in MY backyard. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  4. Yum, fresh honey! You are one brave woman to even get within 20 feet of the hives. For some guys it's cars, but for your husband it's bees. Not sure which is worse...or better! Not sure I could deal with chickens, too. What else eats bugs? ...toads, spiders, birds - sure you have all those around already!

  5. What an interesting hobby DH has and honey too.Does he not smoke them before he opens the hive, that is meant to keep them calm. I would love to have chickens and ducks, but not allowed to have them due to council rules, just cats dogs and birds and they have made a new rule in their own property that you are only allowed 2 pets now

  6. Well, at least if you end up living like they did on Green Acres, you will save time on the cleanup after meals. Remember she just tossed the dishes out the window? LOL

  7. We have 3 hives with 2 ready for swarms. DD2 has 5 hives so we know our 2 extra hives will be full sometime soon. I'm like you, I'll go within 20 feet but that's enough for me. DD and hubby get right in there. I have the chickens and want the goats but so far, hubs still says no to the goats. LOL


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