Monday, July 14, 2014

Nothing new

Normally Mondays are all about my design wall but I've nothing new to share this week.  I'm almost finished with the big block beauty quilt, so I'll wait to share it later in the week.  And the design wall is collecting dust.  Oh there's been designing going on, but its all on paper and in EQ and that too will need to wait for another day.  
However I do have some pictures to share, very rare pictures!  This is my baby boy Trever and his girlfriend Heather.  It's so hard to get a good picture of him.  He hates staged pictures and he's a goofball.  Not one serious bone in his body.
They compliment each other very well, Heather is just as happy go lucky.
 Hey  mom take a picture of this!  So I did...why I don't know.
My thoughts were I could catch him off guard....wrong!  Don't get me wrong I'm glad he likes to have fun and has a wonderful outlook on life but momma wants a picture to show off.
Finally a picture I can live with of my purdy baby boy.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. he-he ...made me laugh anyway xx isn't it great that they complement each other .. and come to visit even though you point a camera at him xxx

  2. I see he got the "sassy" gene. He's adorable! XO

  3. He looks like his Mama. A good looking boy.


  4. what do they say everything comes to those who wait and you certainly got a lovely natural photo in the end

  5. He's a good looking guy. We have to remind our daughter that all those weird poses are being saved up to display at her graduation. That will usually get her to give me one good pose.

  6. Good looking boy and he and his GF look great together. It is nice to get a good photo now and again. Thanks for sharing.

    My boys, particularly my younger one, do not like posed pictures and it is hard to take candid ones because they always see the camera coming. They may have gotten their camera shy trait from me though so I cannot say much ... ;) Pat


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