Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Loving and Loathing

In my daily stroll around quilting blogs and websites I've notice that every quilter has a love for one particular part of quilting.  Some like to design quilts but rarely make one, such as The Virtual Quilter.   And then there's the quilter that loves to quilt the quilt but rarely gets time to make her own like Green Fairy Quilts.   For me it's the binding.  I love the binding process.  Usually getting to that point is a long time coming for me, why?  Because I really don't like the quilting process.  I like the planning of the quilting design.  But the actual standing there at the frame and quilting is like pulling eye teeth.  Most of the time I can find any reason not to do the quilting.  Designing a quilt runs a close second to the binding process.  So what's your favorite part of the quilt making process?  Do you have a certain loathing for any particular part?
This is how I left the big block beauty last night around midnight.  She made me smile as I took my first sip of coffee this morning.  Later in the day after picking green beans I'll finish the machine part of the binding.  Hopefully I can get this binding done in a day.  It's a big quilt (95 x 95) so the hand stitching is going to take a good part of a day.
I just had to share what was found when clearing off the cutting table to cut the binding.  How cute are these!?  I was given a couple of box of greeting cards.  They were my grannies that she had saved all her life.  No one wanted to buy them at the estate sale so I snagged them!  All together we found 6 large boxes of cards, only 2 boxes survived the damp basement.  And only a few in those boxes were worth keeping.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Those are darling cards. I used to collect antique post cards and I copied them onto fabric and made pillows. I say used to collect because they were in one of the boxes that were stolen out of the back of the SUV when I moved. My least favorite and yes, hated, part of quilt making is the basting. I don't have a big machine like yours and so have to pin baste or spray baste. Last time I quilted a decent size quilt, I got a big wrinkle on the back. I don't even know how it happened. I take it out and turn it over frequently....I just suck at basting. That's partly why I have so many unquilted tops. I'd LOVE to have a big machine! Your quilting skills are awesome and I love everything you've done! Have a good Wednesday, little podunck! XOXO

  2. For your quilting virtuoso one would not think that quilting was your least favorite part :)

  3. Pretty quilt in the making!
    I like all aspects of the quilt making process most of the time. Sometimes the actual block piecing is not fun for me just because I am a slow piecer. I do enjoy quilting. Straight line quilting with my walking foot is my favorite technique. I do also enjoy occasionally renting the long arm at a nearby quilt shop to do easy all over FMQ on a larger quilt. I love binding. That feeling of finishing the last stitch on the back, snipping the thread and turning my finished quilt over and saying to myself, "I made that!" never gets old for me.
    Thanks for the link to my new tutorial today ... :) Pat

  4. Your quilt is looking great! My favorite part of quilting is a tie between the piecing and binding. I love to piece and listen to music or a show on my computer. Binding is so relaxing and means the quilt is almost finished. The part I dislike the most is preparing the backing. I don't enjoy piecing the backing or ironing it. It is a necessary evil if I want quilts finished!

  5. Something to remember your Grammy with.
    I too have trouble with the quilting... it's worry about ruining the quilt I worked so hard to make, so far. I really should just have a pro quilt it. Just can't afford to do that.
    I like the designing, fabric choosing, cutting (but it doesn't like me - back pain), sewing and the design wall... even the ironing, but the quilting, Ugh - so I can't help you appreciate that part. Sorry!

  6. I love those cards! I hate the binding process, by the time I get to that point I just want to be done with the quilt! LOL

  7. I find the cutting out a chore, hard on the back apart from any other reasons. Also still not learnt how to quilt the quilt properly, I am sure if or when I master that I will enjoy the quilting, think hand quilting appeals more but will take so long to do. When visiting quilt shows I could not understand why some of the quilts were quilted by another person, now I have taken up quilting I understand only too well!

  8. Well, Lea, I seem to be in agreement with a couple others here. I like the piecing and the binding. I like to see the design take shape as I make the blocks. Like you, my least favorite part is the quilting process. I don't have a longarm, so moving a big quilt around is difficult. There seem to be lots of places where the quilt got caught up and so little stitches were formed. I'd rather baste than quilt. Cutting is also a process that I screw up every time. Makes me wonder why I keep doing this!

    Leslie S. in MN (audsgirl)

  9. Very cool cards, I love those older ones.

    For me it's quilting. I've never quilted one of my own, mainly because I don't want to take the time to learn. Maybe when I retire, I'll get around to giving that a go too.

  10. Thank you for the mention ... but I think the designing and the making are two different pastimes. I do love designing, but also love pretty much every step in making real quilts, though have to admit that every step along the way also gets to be boring sometimes!

    And for the girl who hates cutting because it hurts the back ... try a higher table.

  11. piecing and putting the quilt top together would have to be my favourite part, which is probably why it's so much easier to just start another project (rather than finish the WIP), followed closely by binding.
    the worst part for me, is getting the backing done. not sure why it's such a problem for me, but i have yet to grasp how to make the backing the right size (just a bit bigger than the front) ..... you'd think it would be easy enough!!

    wouldn't those card make an awesome fabric print??
    love your blog!!


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