Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

This week has flown by.   I've been relatively quiet this week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy with quilty projects.  The project for the week was to teach myself to write a PDF quilt pattern.   This is a picture of a typical new project plan.  First I draw it up in EQ, and then start scribbling measurements, cutting directions and so on.  On the flip-side of the large white paper is the printout of the quilt, it to has measurements and scribbles.  You can also see that I'm auditioning some ugly fabrics for the back.  What better way to get rid of fabrics you don't really like.
Two days and two swollen ankles(from sitting so much) I finally have somewhat figured out how to use EQ7, MS Word and an illustrator program to write a pattern.
So here's my question to you.  Do you prefer free online tutorials or do you prefer a free  PDF that can be printed or saved?
The Traveling stash box will be on the road soon, it has a long way to travel this time.  All the way to Texas to visit Cathy at A Quilting Chick!  Congrats Cathy!  I'm sending you an email!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I like printouts because I put them in a notebook. When I save them, I forget all about them. BUT I also think you should open a Craftsy store and sell them. I know someone who sells her tutorials for $3. ea and she's made hundreds of dollars! Happy 4th! XO

  2. I like the pdf files, they can be backed up so if I can't find the paper copy, it's likely to be on one of my backup drives.

  3. I like the pdf files--until I have to change computers; then I never get time to move them. I also love reading them as blog posts. I'm looking forward to seeing what your other readers have to say.

  4. I agree PDF is great to be able to download and print off but sometimes need a tutorial as well, need to see you doing things if I get stuck. Greedy aren`t I

  5. Either is fine because my Mac allows me to save tutorials as PDFs.

  6. Not much both. Xxx

  7. Seems to me that the younger generation is using technology to make "new" patterns that have existed for generations already. I use graph paper and a pencil and ruler. I bet it's quicker and easier.

  8. I prefer PDF print outs, so nice of you quilters to share to us who aren't so computer savey!!

  9. Thanks so much! Very excited about the traveling box. And I prefer PDF's. To me they are easier to print AND to save. Thanks again!


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