Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impulse and Inspiration

Being that I'm on a stash diet, rarely do I buy new prints.  Unless I find a GOOD buy.  So I was shopping last week and... Found one!  5 greener than green prints 1/2 yd cuts for under $10. Yeah!  Impulse gets the best of me.  I've absolutely no idea what to make with them.  So I tucked them away waiting for inspiration.
Found it!  Farmer Hershel drove by this morning mowing the ditch.  Hmmmm....
Lori Holt from Bee In My Bonnet has a super Tractor block that would do the trick.  A large block at 18 x 22,  It wouldn't take very many blocks to make a good sized lap quilt.   And then I thought about her Barn Blocks that you can find here and here.  Maybe a quilt using both the Tractor and Barn blocks and some filler blocks....  It's not a definite plan for a quilt, but the wheels are turning....  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Love your new greens - There is Christmas in July going on somewhere, too. I can never keep up with it all, but you could use some of your greens for Christmas makings. I prefer the non Christmas prints for things made for Christmas. The colors are enough. You don't need poinsettias on the fabric to make a Christmas tree skirt. I never feel guilty about buying colors that I use a lot. Greens are easy to use. Thanks for sharing your purchases and the ideas to use them.

  2. Hi!!!! Love the greens and great ideas for using them too!!!! I do love the tractor and barn blocks but I have not made any yet!!!! They do look like fun though!!!!!

  3. I think your idea is a terrific one. Can't wait to see your blocks.

  4. Love the greens! Hubby is buying a tractor. I might have to try this. Enjoyed your blog! My first time being here!

  5. That will be great! I have a lot of green too!

  6. in my mind you cannot have too much green fabric, I know I have not nearly enough! will be tempted next week when at the quilt show.

  7. What a fun idea for a quilt. Thanks for sharing the links.


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