Friday, July 18, 2014

Country Girl quilt Friday finish

 Yeah!  I'm doing a happy dance this morning.  I absolutely love this quilt.  It was so easy to put together with no real issues.   It's Shabby, country, with a twist of the modern large and simple.   Measuring in at about 95.5 x 95.5 so I had to bring it outside to get pictures.
 There were no blocks to make in this quilt.  The piecing was done in diagonal rows.  Sew simple!  There are several names for this block, Sarah's choice, friendship album block, chimney sweep, and Cabot block.  Resembling the granny square block that was so popular last year.  
 The simple ended while trying to get a good picture.
54 photos of washouts, over exposed, under exposed and just down right awful pictures.  Photos in the evening light, photos in the morning light, and some in the studio.  Maybe it's the colors that are throwing everything out of whack.  The one above and below aren't too bad.
 And still I've not one picture that shows the true colors.   There's no love for the backing, it's just using up some old ugly fabrics.
Maybe if I stage it will make a difference....Nope still yukky photos.
 It could be that my camera is on its last leg, it's only 9 years old.  Since I've brought up the topic of  "OLD" , there's one fabric in this quilt that is over 30 years old, one that is about 20 yrs, one is a baby sheet, the rest of the prints are Walmart prints from before they took out the fabric department, and the background is KONA white from Joann's (buying it by the bolt at 50% off makes a whole bolt less than $40).  Let's not forget the backing, both fabrics on the back were estate sale fabrics, after doing a little research I think they are from the 80's and 90's.  
 Looks like I don't need to worry about people beating on my door wanting me to be a freelance photographer.  
I became obsessed with that watering can.  Moving it from here to there thinking it made a good prop, silly girl.  
Oh well it's finished, I love it, and now I need to make some pillowcases and shams to match so it can be displayed on the bed in the spare bedroom.  
Maybe later in the day I'll try again for some pictures...with that truck from yesterdays post! 
EDITED POST:  to add a link to the my FREE PATTERN for this quilt.  You can find it HERE or directly to the PDF HERE.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's Freebie by Cynthia @ Dream Quilt Create
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  1. It's really pretty Lee Anne! It's very hard to photograph pastel quilts. They just get washed out. I'm showing my Hatbox quilt this week and the photos are just lousy. Same thing, muted colors that won't photograph well. Good job on recycling all that fabric, even your ugly back!

  2. Your quilt is great, your photos are great...STOP! Now, you have my address, right? Just pack it up and send it here. Oh, I'll take the watering can too! XO

  3. That quilt is beautiful!! I love the soft colors and the simple, yet feminine design. A great testimony to the fact that we don't have to have the latest and most expensive fabrics to make beautiful quilts. (And I like the watering can...)

  4. The photos do show how pretty this quilt is! Love it. It really is a "Granny" quilt with the age of some of the fabrics. :D So much fun to have a quilt with some history.

  5. The soft colors of this quilt make it look vintage (which the fabrics are) and soft. Great job

  6. That is pretty, pretty. Doesn't it just rip your nightie when you can't capture your quilt in photos just as you would like too? Drives me crazy!
    I would never have thought you pieced that in strips. Brilliant.

  7. Like the idea of no blocks, will have a look on google to find out more about that. The colours looks so delicate. maybe that is why they did not photo well for you, they look good to me. So much for the saying The camera never lies. Have you been hoarding some of the fabric for over 30 years or just acquired it I wonder

  8. Okay, first, such a great quilt. Love all those different fabrics, dated and all!

    Second, you crack me up with your photo critique. I'm the same way. And the watering can? Totally something I would do. So while they might not beat down your door for your photography skills, you definitely win in the self-critique-with-humor category!

  9. Your quilt turned out great! I love the colors and the old watering can!

  10. It's gorgeous in the pictures you got, so it must be absolutely beautiful in real life if the pictures don't do it justice.

    Photographing something with so much white with pastels is hard. If you really want to get truer colors, you might try again on an overcast day or try indirect lighting from a window. The pictures look great, even if the colors aren't quite true.

  11. Would love to see this draped over the side of that baby blue pick-up truck - would totally complement it! Love that something so beautiful and delicate-looking was made of a hodge-podge of fabrics. You are totally the queen of taking unloved fabric and making it fabulous!

  12. Love that quilt! One of my new favs! (I have a watering can just like that I got from my Father-in-Law.)


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