Monday, July 28, 2014

Magical Monday

Happy Magical Monday!   Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand or sprinkle pixie dust over a project and like magic "POOF" it would be finished? 
Well it didn't work, my wand must need new batteries.  So these hummingbird blocks came together with good old fashion work.  About 20 more blocks and it can be pieced into a quilt top.  
As little girl I just knew mastering the witchy nose twitch was the key to all problems.  
As an adult we're suppose to realize the real magic is in the satisfaction of a job well done.  Really?!  Come on...I'd really rather twitch my nose at that pile of laundry, I could be so satisfied with the "POOF" it's done.  For now I'm stuck with working a little of my own magic on these daisy blocks.  By using the magical technique of invisible machine applique on the center circle
they were done in an hour!  
After a weekend of working magic in the studio, I gathered up my scraps and placed them in a jar.  A patchwork potion for another day.  

~ Lea Anne ~

There's more magic going on over at Judy's for Design Wall Monday.  

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  1. I'm exhausted just looking at all you got done! Looks beautiful! WTG! XO

  2. I knew my wand needed something.....LOL.......your projects are fantastic and I can see that you put a lot of sweat into them but you are right.......waving the old magic wand would be great from time to time....;-)

  3. I can't wait to see what you create with your hummingbird blocks. I love what I can see in your photo. The daisy blocks are great, too! And if you get that nose twitch thing figured out.... let me know!! :)

  4. I wish I did not have to do housework, I would much rather spend my whole day quilting!

  5. like you I wish I had a magic wand, I would create more hours in the day of glorious sunshine, and make the winter days half as long!

  6. Too bad we can't do laundry magically, it certainly seems to have it's own magic as it just seems to appear each week in the hampers! Love your daisy blocks, very summery.


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