Monday, July 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Good Monday Morning!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable fun filled weekend!   Mr. Podunk and I just hung out around the property as usual.   I managed to get my big block beauty quilt on the frame.  It's moving a long quickly with simple quilting.  There's plenty of room in these blocks for tons of custom quilting but I decided to go a little more modern.  I'm even using 100% cotton batting(Warm and Natural).  Rarely do I use cotton batting it's very linty(dusty) causing me to sneeze and a very itchy nose. 
In between quilting and the garden I did a little loafing.  You know just sitting on the porch just watching life go by.  I had my red white and blue quilts hung out on the front porch to air out before storing them away.  When  the farmer started bailing hay...a picture perfect moment that makes a gal think God Bless America!  I sat there about an hour thinking about how things have changed.  How life just seems to get more fast paced with every passing day for some folks.  We feel blessed to live a somewhat simple life.  It's a choice, and that's what so many around us don't understand.   But that's the wonderful thing about living in America, we can choose to be whatever we want to be.     
After my nostalgic moment it was time to get back to the Studio.
My poor design neglected.  The plan is to machine applique the centers when my legs and back need a break from the quilt frame.  I have to admit that walking into the studio and seeing the colorful display makes me smile.  
I'm linking up with Judy for Design Wall Monday. and Connie @ Freemotionbytheriver for Linky Tuesday,  Quilters show off design walls, free patterns, WIP, you just never know what you'll find at a link up party... and I saw that today someone has a give away posted!   Hop on over and join in the fun!

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie From Ahhh...Quilting
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  1. What a very happy quilt!
    I've found using Quilter's Dream Request (when I want a somewhat antique look) to have very little lint. Before I discovered it, I tried a lot of other battings, and still use them sometimes. We use Warm'n'Natural for most of our prayer quilts, and I do find it to be a lot more linty.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your quilting on this happy quilt.

  2. Your wall makes me smile, too. Thanks for that!

  3. Well, I have to say that "it's a choice" if you have a source of income. If you don't and have to go out there and scrounge up enough money to live, it isn't. Glad you can live the life you do! Hope you continue to be blessed! XO

  4. Beautiful and bright design wall! Enjoy your stitching time.

  5. your life sounds idyllic, how I would love to love in the countryside but just in my dreams I am afraid. quilt is looking good on your long arm quilter and the design wall is so cheerful.Wondering what batting you usually use, I have at least 4 flimsies waiting to be taken to the next stage but need to buy the batting quite pricy here so want to get the right one, any advice will be welcome

  6. Visiting from Freemotion by the River-love the name of your blog! Your design wall flowers are awesome!! Is this from a pattern or something you made up?

  7. Love your flowers and the picture of the farmer. I am just up the road from you in Indy (not as many fields available in my neck of the woods).


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