Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clearing out the clutter

As most of you know I like to surf the Internet for inspirations.  That causes the A.D.D to kick in high gear.  But really I just can't help myself, and when inspiration strikes I go with it until it passes.  With all the chaos in my head my studio can reflect exactly what it looks like in my brain!  My computer is full of pictures that I've saved from my surfing's.  And now the computer is starting to look like my studio and brain, very cluttered!  So it goes with me to mom's doctor visits, while I wait I'm supposed to be clearing out the clutter.  But did you know most hospitals and doctors offices have WIFI!  YiPPPEEE! 
On the table is my design for the center of a new quilt that may or may not find the WIP pile before it even gets started. 

I managed to get the guilds BOM  blocks finished this month and have them on the design wall(can't show you because those gals visit my blog also and I want it to be a surprise)

But I can show you the other WIP.  Of course it called for more LARGE paper and some brain power.  I'll be putting a ring of flying geese around a Mariners compass.  EQ7 has a mariners compass with geese block, but I didn't care for the placement of the geese.  And I find some aspects of the program to be... well much for my cluttered brain, paper is easier than reading the manual for hours.  So  I took some measurements from EQ and started drawing.  I had to make a handy little tool in order to get this large  perfect circle.  The rays are 15 degrees.  And you want to know how I did it don't you?!  I folded in half one way and then the other.  Giving me my center, that gives you (4) 90 degree wedges.  Using my straight ruler for cutting fabric(it has 30, 60 and 90 degree markings)  I used the 30 degree marking.  But the sections were still to wide.  So I measured the section and placed a mark in the middle, giving me 15 degrees.  To make the geese I marked the center of the line and connected the dots to the corners.  And TADA!  homemade paper piecing on a grand scale!

Here's the dandy tool I had to make and how I marked it for drilling holes. 

I measured the thickness of my pencil with digital thingy(calipers) stolen from honeys tools.  Then found a drill bit that matched the thickness.  The little nail is the pointer for the middle of the block(nailed to my cutting table....shhhh) and also helped me with my marking the stick. 

Until next time ..."Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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  1. Improvisation is a skill that only a few possess :)


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