Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Design wall...Tuesday

Better late than never!  That's what I always say!  Yesterday was a long and busy day of taking momma into town to deal with Medicare and the SS office...YUK!  And then of course we did a bit of shopping, she's still not up to the "shop till you drop" days but we gave it our best shot.  She lasted about 90 minutes.  Of course we had to eat while we were out.  Lately moms been on a breakfast kick, so we always eat somewhere that serves breakfast all day.  Steak and shake served us up a big ole breakfast.  My momma is a little tiny thing (size 6) but can put away the food!  She eats twice as much as I do, I've tried to keep up with her but I just can't.   Just glad she has an appetite again.  And today I had to take my dear sweety for another knee surgery.  Out patient, cleaning out the gunk in the knee.  He's down for the count right now, taking a nap after I fed him Deer Roast for lunch...Sleeping like a baby.  

So here's what I've managed to get finished this week in between all the running.  I worked a little here and there on my Nostalgic Christmas quilt.  Each block calls for plaid fabric.  Of course there's tons of quilting cotton out there that is plaid, but I had a stash of homespuns that I wanted to use up.  Man oh Man!  Homespuns aren't fun to work with, in my humble opinion.  But the results are just amazing.   Already gone through a whole spray bottle of starch to keep those homespuns from stretching out of shape.  Well worth it!  I'm in love with this pattern .

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  1. I really like how these are turning out! I am looking at them for the second time and just realized that all the borders around the centers are the same pattern. You're doing a great job with the colors!

  2. Great blocks! I, too, am a fan of Lynn's patterns! I am currently making her Nostalgic Christmas pillows!


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