Monday, October 22, 2012

Design wall monday and some inspirations

Here's a quick look at my design wall this morning.  One of these blocks is altered because I felt like I needed to change it for my tastes.   These are blocks from Erin Russeks 2011 BOM.   Only 4 of these are sewn down the rest are glue basted.  My thoughts were that if I had them at least glued I could sew them down as I wait with my mom and now others at their doctor appointments.  Maybe I should get a nursing degree and get a job at one of those visiting home nurses jobs.  It seems that everyone I know needs a nurse....think they would pay?!.....LOL  Love doesn't pay much huh?  Well not in money anyway.  Sorry about the poor quality but once again I'm not using my computer or camera.

Over the weekend I became obsessed with Nostalgic Christmas images.  And that somehow turned into Bulgarian textiles and art.  How did it get from one to the other I'll never know.   But anyway here's some images that caught my eye and I kept just for quilting inspirations.

These stamps are my favorite because they remind me of Baltimore Album blocks. 

Until next time "Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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  1. Wow, your BOM blocks are lovely. I'm sure Erin would love to see those stamps - lots of ideas there - especially in that rug too.

  2. Vry nice set of Tweets! IMO getting the pieces cut, pressed and glued down is 2/3rds of the battle. The sewing is just the final dash, and very portable. You will be done before you know it, I have the colors for the last two (since I did all different colors) and I am stuck at the cutting, pressing stage.

  3. Wow, those stamps are beautiful and would make great applique blocks, won't they? Your color choices for the Tweets blocks look lovely.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful and they will be a perfect hand project while you are dispensing much needed love and attention.

  5. Those stamps are very much like Baltimore album blocks... done in interesting colors though!

  6. Love your BOM blocks. I always learn something new from your blog:)


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