Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setting things aside for this!

There's so many blogs I follow, and oh so often I find new things that go on the to-do list.  Here's one that I just can't seem to leave on the list.  CUTE!  I love it!  So I had to go digging through my stash.  You can find more information about the pattern over at Lynn's blog Sewn Wild Oaks.  Her work is amazing!  Such a brilliant designer and quilter!  Oh and she can cook , there's some really good recipes on her blog also! 

But my thought were to do a Christmas quilt using these vintage Christmas prints.  You find these by doing a google search.  

I'm not done digging yet!  Here's what I've picked out so far...

Until next time  "Quilt out of your comfort zone!" 


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