Monday, October 8, 2012

Design wall Monday

This has taken longer than I thought.  Although I had all weekend to get it put together with no interruptions.  Curved piecing is a bit tricky and I'm not looking forward to adding the geese and next border which will square off the circle.  I'm definitely out of my comfort zone with this one!  I've found that leaving the paper on the back might not be a good idea because it doesn't allow me to stretch when needed.  (Brings back painful  memories of garment making back in the "80's").  The thought has crossed my mind to just applique the circle to a that cheating?  A border of braided rope could be sewn to the outside of the geese also to hide the seams and get me out of the curved piecing.  Creativity sometimes comes from laziness and procrastination!  But it's creative none the less. 

Now, my dear sweet man thinks that I should let him have this Mariners Compass to put in the bottom of his canoe that he made.  I thought he was kidding but he said he could epoxy it to the bottom and then cover it again with epoxy.  Ummm...I can print you out a pattern was my response. 

Him and his canoe, first time in the water last year in our pond.  This is hand made with strips of wood that are 1/4" thick by 16' long.  It took 3 yrs to make. 

Until next time "Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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  1. The sharp edges really make the pattern pop. Loving the way it looks.

  2. beautiful... let him have the pattern and nothing else!! lol x

  3. WOW! I just swooned. That is a striking block.


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