Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bekah's Sweet Cherries

First I need to apologize to Bekah for not getting these pictures posted sooner.  My excuse is....I forgot!  From now on I'm keeping a blog journal of future posts.
  Bekah sent these pictures of the quilt she made using my Cherry on Top Pattern.  My version is in my banner at the top of the blog.  The free tutorials to make this quilt can be found in the tutorials tab at the top of this blog.  She explained that she had joined a Cherry quilt swap.  Her partner wasn't fond of the color red.  Now there's a challenge, make a cherry quilt with no red!  Well my goodness she pulled it off with flying colors!  I love the softer palette. Isn't this just the sweetest cherry quilt?  I rarely make a quilt pattern twice but I'm considering a new Cherry on Top with the softer colors.
Thanks Bekah for making and sharing your sweet little quilt.  It always makes my day when a quilter makes a quilt from one of my patterns.

~ Lea Anne ~

today's freebie from Sew we quilt

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  1. Ohhhh...I love the softer colours!! Just lovely!!

  2. So very sweet - thanks for telling us new readers about the free pattern too - looks great!

  3. I'm a bold bright color lady personally, but I agree completely about this softer palette. This is absolutely lovely. It reminds me of a vintage quilt that had faded. It's gorgeous!
    Rae (


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