Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More applique anyone?

It's happened again, IMPULSE.  Years ago in my efforts to control impulse I'd lose sleep, become anxious and become the biggest grouch you could meet.  Medicating myself or letting the doctors put me on some toxic cocktail of mood altering drugs could be options, but it's easier to except who I am and love me. 
 I love me! And not to be arrogant but you do too, just a little or you wouldn't be here!...LOL  The truth be told, I love you too....awe....big group quilty hugs!
  As the old saying goes, "The cheese has slid off the cracker".  In laymen terms that means... I'm crazy.   
Anyway.... a quick trip to the mailbox yesterday inspired this.
Long story short, in Podunk it was a picture perfect Autumn day.  The kind of day that makes you stop and breathe in the country air, thanking the powers that be for such beauty.  Maybe "the powers that be"  sent inspiration my way as a thank you for the thank you.  Whoa!  Now that's deep!  We'll skip my sermon on how the world works and continue with quilt story.  Returning to my Studio with Autumn infused senses... and it hit me.  Blue and orange!  What a great color combo for Autumn.  Autumn quilts can be bright, right?  That's what we love about autumn, the colors.  The color inspiration... I was wearing this shirt.  It's a country girl thang....flannel. 
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho to EQ I go. (feel free to whistle the rest of the tune) Whipping up this in a matter of minutes.  It left me feeling Blah... so.. Applique!
 Adding the little pumpkin seeds to the center was a nice Autumn touch.  But still it needed more.
 The ideas started flowing...
....this isn't complete.  In my minds eye I see leaves scattered about, vines and pumpkin blossoms twirling up the rake handle.   The over achiever voice that dwells deep within wants to make the vine continue around the quilt as a border, I told that voice to HUSH!
Well there you have it
A day in the mind of a cheese-less cracker!

~ Lea Anne ~

today's freebie from Amy Smart@DiaryofaQuilter

Edited this post to add a link to a quilter that needs a little help.
Please CLICK HERE for more information.

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  1. Your post makes me smile! I am playing with some orange and white 9 patches and am thinking of appliqueing something onto these, too. I like your pumpkins and crows. Maybe some pumpkins and a scarecrow on mine? We shall see. And I'm right there with you... I need to go where the impulses takes me in quilting. Probably why my hidey hole is a mess and I have LOTS of projects started!

  2. I've always wanted EQ but I'd spend too much time on it! Your creations are perfection! XO

  3. It is going to be so cute!~ I can't sleep when I have n idea about something either.

  4. I love that expression! If only we could all be as inspired as you in your cheese-less state! =D

  5. I love green and orange together but blue works very well too, Yes applique on this will be wonderful, and I so agree we do love you and your stories etc not forgetting all your wonderful stitchery

  6. Oops my comment disappeared into cyberspace when my computer sneezed, or something. All I was saying though was that I love the look of your planned applique, and I've never heard the expression about cheese sliding off crackers before.

  7. I love this! I love the way your mind works. You always come up with the most adorable quilts.

  8. Love the story about your inspiration. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!


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